Picking Up Girls At a Clothing Store

Bars and clubs are not the only places where you can go and look for beautiful women. Instead, you should try approaching during the day and at unconventional places. Once you have a bit of practice you’ll find pick up easier and your results will be much better.

Picking Up Girls At a Clothing Store

Why Clothing Stores

Stores are full of beautiful girls. Just like at the subway or the airplane, it’s a waste if you see an amazing girl and don’t do something about it. It’s always worth to give it a try. Also, from all the daytime approaches they are the ones you’ll have the higher odds at. It will be easier for you to open and an engage in a casual conversation without looking creepy or strange at all.

I also find it great that it’s easy to target the girls I like the most when approaching at stores. If I’m going to the mall, for example, I will go to the women clothing stores I like the most. Then inside I’ll meet the girls who will dress the way I like – It’s a winner. Same goes if I wanted to go to the music stores, videos, books, etc.

Also, clothing stores are the place to go if you want to try out the day approaches for the first time. They are the easiest place to pick up at and where you are most likely to have initial success. Because of this, though, they are where you’ll find the most competition at and you’ll have to be as cocky as possible as well.

Strategy #1: The Recommendations Approach

This approach is simple: ask the girl you like for recommendations. Look for one girl you like and approach her fast. In case you entered a girl’s store just invent an excuse: you are looking something for your sister, for a friend, for a long-distance girlfriend, etc. She’ll probably answer and from there you can start a small conversation.

You won’t have much time so use it wisely. Show off your value and how cool you are and make sure to break out of any stupid chit-chat as fast as you can. Make a few jokes, gently tease her and in little time you could invite her to join you for a coffee at the food court. If she says no, insist one or two more times. It can very well work out. If not, ask her for her email or phone number.

Note for the coffee: make sure to put a time constraint from the very beginning so as to make her sure you won’t stay for long. Tell her you have twenty minutes, for example, before leaving for somewhere else and that you would love her joining you for a coffee until then.

Strategy #2: The Direct “Rock Star” Approach

It’s also possible to open much more directly. Go to the store, start looking at a few items and as soon as you see that the girl you like make a comment as these: “That would look great on you, I’m sure” or “That will make you look a bit fatter, I don’t think you should take it. Why not try that one instead.” These are a bit more risky but if you speak with a lot of confidence it will work out.

Once opened you can take the conversation where you want to. You could, for example, take it then back to the recommendations approach above. But you could also try out something much more fun.

Back when I was traveling I used to tell girls, just after those lines, that I was a tango dancer and fashion consultant back home. I said I used to work with models, with actresses, etc. As crazy as it sounds it really worked. Couple fashion consultant with handsomeness, good speech and the coolness of being from Argentina and it was a terrific winner. I had a lot of fun with this and once they show interest it’s easy to take them out for a coffee.

When I came back home I had to think a way to tweak it to work out here too. I didn’t need to do that much thinking anyway – I just tell girls that I worked as a fashion consultant and with models back in Austria when I was living there. It kind of happens that they won’t believe me every time, but these are least than expected. After one or two minutes of jokes, teasing, fun and looking interesting I just invite them for a coffee too.

Strategy #3: Picking Up The Girls Who Work at the Store

Sometimes and a few of the strategies are not about picking up the girls visiting the store but about picking up the ones who work there instead. Those last girls are not there to flirt and might be fired if they are caught doing so, so be very careful on the way you approach them.

You can still flirt with them but be gentle. Follow the recommendations approach, for example, and bring the conversation where you want it to. Be cocky and say things as “I’m sure you were so bored,” etc. If she has a name tag, call her by her name. Don’t flirt long and tell her that you would love to see her again and that you are not around the mall too often.

Tell her to go out for a coffee or drink one other day. Or, if you spoke about things she liked to do you can tell her to join you (and a few friends, maybe) on a certain activity she’ll surely love. When asking for her phone number or email, unless she is alone at the store (hard,) memorize it and write it down once you leave the store.

And just one last thing you got to always remember: SMILE!