Picking Up At The Gym

There are two great things about gyms: they are good for your health and they are an excellent place to meet women. The first one makes sense: we need to stay in shape, strong and all. The second one also holds true – gyms are a fantastic place to get to know girls.

Picking Up At The Gym

Gyms are probably the easiest to crack of all the day-time scenarios. And best, girls there are usually really good. You might have a few bad ones, as always, but overall, the girls you frequent gyms for the long-term all at least have a great shape. And this is about Dating Beautiful Women, after all.

All You Need To Know First

When you go to the gym, try to look your best. Of course, you might be in big disadvantage with the guys who are in terrific shape, but stay cool. Get nice clothes (not those horrible, five-year old trainers) and make sure that if you have some nice part of your body it stands out.

Again, this is like going out to a club or something. The clothes and your appearance are not number one or something absolutely luck-changing. But they can give you a big hand. Try to maximize your chances from the very start.

Also, no matter how obvious this may sound, make sure you know what you are doing. You need to know your routine and exercises well. There’s nothing more pathetic than a guy completely fucking up on the gym. It’s really unmanly.

Last, don’t be socially closed. I’m really tempted to put my headphones on and forget about hearing those smelly guys shouting, but it just doesn’t work. At least if you want to go there and flirt too. You need to be open and socialize with both boys and girls. Make friends with the regulars and make sure that when you go in and you go out, you are noticed. Social proof is your friend.

Approaching on the Gym

So, there are two ways of picking up on the gym: the slow way and the fast way. Don’t let the titles confuse you – both really work. As always, slow one is less risky and more effective in the long-term while the fast one is more risky and might have more girls saying ‘no’. Don’t settle with just one – Use both.

Either way, both have an objective in common: setting up a date. That’s what you want, for now. A date on a bar, on a club or even at your place. It can be the same day, the next weekend or even a month ahead. It just doesn’t matter.

The Slow Way

There’s one basic premise in the slow way: you’ll go to the gym at the same time every day and you’ll start meeting the girls that regularly go there. You’ll start conversations and slowly build rapport with them. You’ll slowly gain more trust, tease them a bit, have longer conversations and, eventually, you’ll get a phone number and a date.

How long is eventually is up to you – But it can definitely be done in only a few days. Just make sure not to look that desperate.

Don’t worry about openers, pick-up lines or about topics to speak. You are at a socially-accepted flirting place and it shouldn’t be awkward for you to have a conversation. Start by saying “Hello” every time you go to the gym and meet any of these girls. After one or two times, say “Hi, how are you?” and do some small chit-chat. Then let things progress naturally – Just never stay too quiet.

You can also ask your gym friends (which are cool to have) to give you a hand. Perhaps the girl you like already met one of them – so ask him (or her) to introduce you to her. If not, you can always approach the machine she is using, ask her if she’s done and make a small comment after that.

Possibilities are enormous and directly in front of you.  Make things easy – This slow way is not meant to be hard at all.

The Fast Way

The fast way, on the other hand, is much more exciting. You’ll first look for a girl who’s hot, bored-looking and, best, has just arrived to the gym. You’ll approach her, talk to her a little bit and then invite her to do cardio work with you. Cardio is horribly boring and to have some company can make the experience much better. Tell her that and if she would like to join you.

If she says yes – and she might well say it – you are in. You’ll then have all the cardio-time, on the bikes or on the running machines, to speak with her. No chit-chat, no short conversations… You’ll have time to really build attraction. Use it wisely and you can get a date in no time.

If it’s already late, tell her to join you for a beer (after you two shower and all). You can even invite her to your place for a movie. You can do whatever you want and it won’t look weird at all. It’s up to you to make the most of that cardio time.

Dates out of the gym can really work out – even if they are on that same night. One guy explained to me once: “When you go late enough, on a Tuesday, Wednesday… If she’s there it’s because she definitely doesn’t have plans for the night. YOU are her plan.” It’s just like that. If you built enough attraction, a night out with you will probably be more exciting than to spend it watching TV home alone.

And one last thing – Go when and where the girls are. If your local gym is mostly guys, change. If all girls come in when you are finishing your work out, consider crashing later. It’s common sense: go where and when the girls are. This way you’ll have higher chances of meeting someone!