Phoning Girls

People dramatize a lot and around calls. Yet, the truth is that these hardly will mean success or failure. Most of the times it all depends on that first interaction and how much value you had and how much she liked you. The better you did, the bigger chances you’ll have. The phone part is not a new stage of your pick up but a continuation of what you had already started. Following you’ll find a guide on how to maximize your opportunities.

Phoning Girls

Preparing The Call

The moment to call, then, entirely depends on how your first interaction was. Actually, there is no fixed time you should wait for. Not one day, two days or three days – No! You should wait as much as you can, that’s the rule. Think about it this way: you have to call the girl when you are still fresh in her mind and with the goal of outwitting all the competition. That is, if you know that the girl exchanged phone numbers with more guys that night the best idea would be to call the next day. If you spoke for long time with her and you know she is anxiously waiting for a call you can make her wait longer.

With that said, now you got to have a plan. If you want to go out with her make sure you have the ideas, times and dates quite clear in your mind. Before you start to speak you got to have a few options to give her. Tell her, for example, that you want to go to this art exhibition with her next week. Make the proposition but also be willing to give her a few options: say you could go either Thursday night or Friday night and ask her which day is better for her. If you two are not into art expos the same still applies.

The Call

Be confident, fun, make her feel comfortable and, if possible, try to go back to the original conversation. Couple that with a good timing and a good plan and that’s all you’ll need to settle the date.

The conversation over the phone really doesn’t matter much. If you are nervous just relax. It may well happen that she likes you and is nervous too, so just don’t worry. If you are afraid to forget what to say you could well write a script about the conversation and its main points in a piece of paper. Don’t think that that’s stupid – I used to do it a lot when speaking with big-name companies and it really helped me out.

The same could be applied for conversations with women. As long as you don’t actually read the whole script it’s ok. You’ll surely feel more confident if you have a little bit of help written down. Just make sure you sound natural and confident.

Practically speaking: open with loud and confident “Hello NAME, it’s MYNAME. How are you?” Then continue with 20 seconds or so of chit-chat, if possible following what you spoke about in your last interaction and then state your plans. Once you spoke about the plans finish off with a little bit more of chit-chat, a small anecdote, a joke, etc. Make sure you are the one who finishes the conversation – It always looks better!

If she doesn’t answer try again one or two times before leaving her a message. Leave her a voice message just telling her you called her and you would love to hear back from her. Don’t say the plans just yet. If she still doesn’t reply start thinking what you did wrong back in the first time.

On Texting

The truth on texting is that it’s always better to call. Texting is better saved to settle the details of the plans, for short telegrams or so. If you want to set up a date, better call – Always! Texting shows lack of confidence and it’s a big missed opportunity.

Most men these days just text. That’s better for us because you’ll already stand out just by calling. Once you have your voice, speech and ideas polished you’ll gain more points and show off more value just by speaking to her over the phone. It’s a big win, something you can’t miss out on!

When Things Don’t Go Smooth

Unless you do dramatically bad over the phone it all depends, just as I said above, on the first conversation. If she’s always too busy and can never meet it’s because there was a problem or too low value on those first interactions. Make sure not to repeat these, not too look desperate and always try to outsmart the competition. That’s the way to go – It’s not that hard.