Tips on Dating Women

Following is a quick list of very important things all men should know about women and dating. The kind of things that will help you attracting and seducing the girl you want. It’s short, concise and very accurate. Unlike the 25 Traits Lists, which you can find here and here, this list is more focused on them rather than you. … Read moreTips on Dating Women

Phoning Girls

People dramatize a lot and around calls. Yet, the truth is that these hardly will mean success or failure. Most of the times it all depends on that first interaction and how much value you had and how much she liked you. The better you did, the bigger chances you’ll have. The phone part is not a new … Read morePhoning Girls

Flirting at Hostels

It’s hard to find an easier place to flirt, to meet people and to shine than a hostel. I never had so much success with women as when I first went traveling around Europe. It was just crazy – I had never had that many possibilities. The trick is that you meet so many people and … Read moreFlirting at Hostels

Immediately Multiply Success With Women

This is article is part of the Inspiration Method Series. The Inspiration Method, still under development, will become the world’s most powerful way of seduction. It’s a thoroughly studied and practical method with the aim of achieving the greatest results in the shortest period of time. The 80/20 Rule Unless you have been living in cave for the past … Read moreImmediately Multiply Success With Women