Wedding Crashing 101

You must watch the 2005 hit comedy Wedding Crashers (pictured). It’s funny, boosts some great performances and might even change your life. Whoever watched the film, which is mainly about two guys who ‘crash’ wedding parties to drink and meet girls, will surely have thought ‘I have to do it once I my life.’ So did I, and so did one of … Read moreWedding Crashing 101

On Complimenting Women

Whoever said that you shouldn’t compliment girls is wrong. But there are ways and ways of complimenting, one of which is the one you have to use. As long as you keep yourself on the right track, small compliments can take you far. Most men believe that compliments are limited to things as “you are so hot,” “you … Read moreOn Complimenting Women

Rules of Wingmen

I’ve already explained what a wingman is and why all men should find one. Basically, having one sidekick will help you getting in the mood, showing higher value, and interacting with some of the hardest-to-get groups of girls. The aim is to go for a win-win situation, where both of you succeed. And the best way to … Read moreRules of Wingmen