Keeping Money Safe When You Travel

Cash is King When traveling, you got to find the right balance between cash, checks and cards. But the most important thing to take with you is plenty of cash. It could happen that your checks can’t be changed and that your cards won’t work. What could you do then if it’s an emergency or you don’t … Read more

Moving To A New Country

It may possibly happen that, sooner or later, you have to move into a new country. Maybe it is for studying, maybe for work or it could possibly be just because you wanted to. Leaving your country is not as easy as some people think – especially when you are heading to a different culture … Read more

One Habit a Month: Tracking ALL Expenses

If you really want to become a Super Human, the sure-proof road to success is to install one habit every month. Not any type of habit, but instead one that will make you a better person – more developed, organized, interesting, etc. In the past year and half I’ve started with plenty of these new habits. I, … Read more

How to Read One Book Every Week

Reading one book a week has countless blessings. Just think about it: it totals over 50 books every year. It’s really a lot, and such amount of information and wisdom can make a big impact in your life. It has been said, for example, that if one would specialize and read one book a week about a certain … Read more

One Hour A Day to Making Things Happen

One well-planned project and one hour every day. That’s all you need to produce incredible results. I got the magic this week, as I finally finished the first solid draft of my manifesto (more on that one on Saturday). I have been working on it since I came back from Brazil, but never gave it more than … Read more

What ALL Successful People Have in Common

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit. – Aristotle. And Aristotle is quite right: a successful person is built around good habits. It’s inevitable for you to become a winner if you have the right habits. But it’s not something you can do from one day to the other. It takes … Read more

How To Remember (And Control) Your Dreams

You might not recall, but every night you will go through at least a few dreams. Everyone does. And these dreams are most times fun. Odd things go on, interesting experiences occur and hilarious situations can make sleep time a worthy anecdote. Dreams are what put a little bit of charm to what if not … Read more

How to Remember Everyone’s Name

Why Remember All Those Names Few skills are as important for social relationships as remembering names. Dale Carnegie hit gold when he said “A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” It’s really no less than that. People often, because of one reason or the other, don’t commit … Read more

Wedding Crashing 101

You must watch the 2005 hit comedy Wedding Crashers (pictured). It’s funny, boosts some great performances and might even change your life. Whoever watched the film, which is mainly about two guys who ‘crash’ wedding parties to drink and meet girls, will surely have thought ‘I have to do it once I my life.’ So did I, and so did one of … Read more

Graduated And Without Job? Here’s What You Must Do

It may well happen that you are just graduated and, after months, still looking for a proper job. It’s not all your fault – after all, as a consequence of the crisis new positions are scarce and it’s still really hard to find one. What to do then? First, don’t desperate. If you can’t find … Read more