How To Flirt By Text Messaging

Text game is the new thing when it comes to contacting girls. It’s slowly replacing phone conversations as a means to not only communicate with the girl but get dates as well. There’s going to be a day in the future where our kids wondered about how phone conversations worked, like we ask our parents with … Read more

How To Pick Up Girls At A Bar

The easiest place to find girls is also the hardest. The reason? Well even though bars and clubs offer a dense population of single females in a small amount of space, there is a handful of things that are working against you, such as… 1. Cockblockers. You think her friends are going to let you … Read more

Top 10 Text Game Tips For Getting Dates With Girls

Like it or not, text messaging has become, in recent years, the preferred method for communicating with girls. Those cutesy, old-fashioned telephone conversations—where you actually got to know each other—have gone the way of dial-up Internet. It’s almost to the point where getting a girl to answer the phone is actually harder than getting her in the sack.  I know some guys … Read more

What To Do When A Girl Flakes On You

Here’s a question I received recently. It’s a long read but worth it because you will likely face this type of scenario. I need some advice regarding a girl i just met, and i have no clue what to do now. so this is what has happened so far. i was out with some friends … Read more

What To Do After The One-Night Stand

I’m doing good in initial approaches and getting up girls on one night stands. However seeing these girls again isn’t going too well. I have thought about the fact they might be getting buyers remorse because a few occasions have been drunken sex at a party. We have fun but I doubt the adequate comfort … Read more

What To Do If A Girl Stops Texting You

One of the basic realities of life is that no guy—no matter how famous, good-looking, or knowledgeable about game—has a 100-percent success rate. Everyone gets rejected sooner or later. Even Johnny Depp has millions of girls who wouldn’t bang him. The frustrating part of the rejection reality isn’t that it exists, is that it can happen anywhere in the … Read more

5 Differences Between Night And Day Game

There’s a reason why, when two things are really different, people say “it’s like night and day.” Night and day are about as opposite as it gets. This is also the case for the corresponding type of game you should run during them. Something that seems perfectly reasonable in a night club will get you … Read more