Example Of Really Bad Approach Strategy

Here’s an email I received recently… Recently, ive been testing out a new approach and getting sporadic results. im in israel for the summer and am seriously intent on hooking up with israeli girls. I simply approach a girl and ask her in poor, pathetic hebrew (even though im almost fluent) for her advice. I … Read more

To Touch Or Not To Touch?

Here’s another question from the mailbag: I’ve been reading/listening to Carlos Xuma’s “Secrets of the Alpha Man” program. He stresses that men should not touch a woman or try to sleep with her too soon, as this conveys neediness and impatience. In fact he states that a woman will usually get close and let the … Read more

Approaches That Go Nowhere

Reader question… I push myself out more these days and approach way more people (and chicks) than before and I’m getting rejected left right and center. And the only opener that comes to me – that I’m most comfortable with, even though I’m pretty uncomfortable, is “Hi.” Then I introduce myself and ask her name … Read more

What To Do If A Girl Says “Is That A Line?”

If a girl accuses you of using a line, especially right after your opener, she’s not going to fuck you. It simply won’t happen, no matter how much you think you can recover. It’d be like trying to sell an SUV to an environmentalist. Chances are she came out to make men feel small and get … Read more

How To Be Funny To Attract Girls

One day a friend said to me: “If you can make a girl laugh, you’re halfway there.” It’s true that humor is a huge attractant and acts as a tractor beam at hauling in fun girls with a sense of humor. So how exactly do you be funny? First you need to your research, which … Read more

The Most Important Part of Being Good With Girls

A lot guys that are new to game get overly focused on the minutiae of exactly what to say to girls. That’s not surprising. It is important, and it’s one of those “learning bridges” we all cross at some point near the beginning. Plus, there’s a popular, though grossly distorted, misconception that being a player is just about speaking magic incantations that … Read more

How To Be A Pick Up Artist

Here are ten of my best tips to get you started on your quest. 1. Throw logic out the window. It’s tempting to want to use logic in attracting women, but if that was the case you would have guys everywhere with t-shirts stating their penis size and income, and get laid like rock stars. … Read more

How To Pick Up College Chicks

One thing you have to realize about college girls is that they don’t have a life experience. They’ve been raised in this cocoon of shopping malls and MTV, so it is a little harder to hit their emotional buttons of attraction and even love. They are also more looks oriented, which is generally not good … Read more

My Brutal Rejection On The Subway

I was out on a Saturday night at some lame club that my friend dragged me too. I approached two different girls but it was just so loud that I couldn’t hear anything. The conversations died out quickly. On my way home I was still in the mood to talk to girls since I couldn’t … Read more

How To Improve Your Look For Under $100

As you probably already know, being good at getting laid requires a cocktail of skills. You can’t just memorize a bunch of one-liners and expect to see meaningful results. You can’t lean hard on your inner game alone, not approach, and wait for girls to line up outside your apartment. And, of course, a pile of phone … Read more

What Homeless Guys Can Teach You About Day Game

You can learn a lot from homeless guys about approaching girls during the day. If you’re like me, you’ve spent a lot of time in cities with droves of panhandling homeless people. In fact, for a significant part of my life, it’s been nearly impossible for me to get from Point A to Point B without being … Read more

How To Buy Drinks For Girls Without Looking Like A Chump

Among the Iron Laws of Game Economics is that: one way or another you’re going to spend money on getting the girl. Chances are you’re already spending serious coin on just getting face time with girls. Whether it’s outrageous cover charges or your silly t-shirt with studded angel-wings painted on the shoulder blades, passive and indirect costs … Read more