Overcoming The Anxiety Of Approaching Women

Imagine a situation like this: you are in the club, in a bar or maybe in the street. There you see the woman you want, lightning strikes and you are dying to speak with her. What should you do? The answer lies in the Pick Up Artists’ 3 Second Rule.

Overcoming The Anxiety Of Approaching Women

If there’s only one thing I could take from the PUAs, it is that one rule. It is the ultimate and wisest thing they ever invented. The concept is simple: approach the girl you want in less than three seconds after you saw her. That is – do it immediately, without hesitation. Just go for it! This is GREAT and it’s what all men who want to get better at approaching should do. Let me explain you why.

By immediately approaching you don’t leave time for your brain to start thinking up excuses, getting yourself nervous and making the situation odd. It’s a matter of intent and manhood – girls just feel it. They know if you were gathering strength to approach her or you just did it spontaneously. And the latter proves to be much more successful!

Even if you don’t have anything to say, it’s better to go and say “Hello, how are you?” but going right off. Combine this with a confident and loud voice and you are into some business. If you want, you could add or use some pick up line, as it could be possible for you that you feel more confident if you have something to say straight of the bat. But line or no line, you just go.

As every time you approach a woman, remember and have very clear that you might very well get rejected. But just get over it – It’s better to go and approach, forget about the possible rejection and don’t go home thinking you should have approached that one girl. It’s better to go to sleep thinking that at least you tried. And, for sure, the more you try, the more success you’ll have.