Online Dating Guide

Forget about clubs and bars – there is a new star for dating and finding women and that is the Internet. Online dating is something that has been around for a while now, but it is getting more sophisticated, easier and socially accepted by the day. It’s the ultimate place to find your perfect match and in this section I will explain you how.Online Dating Guide

Online you will have an unlimited supply of women – That is surely the most remarkable thing about it. No matter the kind of woman you want, there are surely thousands around, just a few clicks away. It’s also much easier to find your match online than in a club, bar or in the street. As you can segment the search in any network for age, activities or interest, only relevant results to what you look for will pop up, resulting in women you may like much more. Finding women with the same interests and many things in common with you will make everything easier, both of you will feel instantly more connected and the relationship will have much greater chances of going smoothly.

There are also two great pros in online dating: rejection is a big joke and competition, pathetic. These two, I believe, apply to any situation with women, wherever we are. But the truth is that in the Internet they are much clearer. If a girl stops answering your emails, you just write to another one. If one never replies, you just move to the next. It’s no big deal as in the Internet women lose their “beauty power” and it’s much harder for them to get a grip on the guys. As for the competition, it’s HUGE, but at the same time it’s hard to imagine how can so many men be that stupid. It’s easy to stand out among the crowd online.

That is exactly what you have to do to success dating women, offline and online: you got to stand out. You have to differentiate from the masses, from all these other men and grab the attention for yourself. Don’t be as boring and predictable as everyone around – give your good twist into this.

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