One Place With 8 Girls For Every 1 Guy

Last month I joined the International CBS Choir in Copenhagen. I never imagined myself singing, and even less now that I’m especially busy.

But hey – there’s a catch, a catch that dragged me in and will drag any other courageous guy as well.  In the choir I sing, there are around 60 girls (!), and, counting me, there are ONLY SEVEN GUYS.

This is not a Danish phenomenon – apparently choirs round the world are filled with young, beautiful and lovely ladies and only a handful of guys.

Only ballet and some random dancing lessons have such a magical ratio.

Best, unlike at the club, bar or even at cafes, the girls at the choir are all nice, friendly and very open.

A choir is a single guy’s paradise, and I strongly suggest you to make some time to join one.

You Can Also Join a Choir

My family, friends and even my girlfriend labeled me as a ‘horrible, pathetic singer’, with ‘no hope in a choir’. This is in a way true  – I’ve barely sung anything in my life. I didn’t even try at the shower, and now I was planning to join the ranks of these pros.

Many of you might feel identified – I bet that most of you rather spend time playing sports, videogames, drinking with friends, or practically everything else rather than SINGING.

But it’s all good. The magic of these choirs is that there are plenty of people out there – it’s not that you are singing solo. There are 50 or more people singing along. And if you think you are THAT bad, a bit of help and practice will do you do – or you can just sing low as well.

And it’s not all about the girls. Singing makes you happy – it cheers you up, it energizes you. I’ve a long, dark and cold Scandinavian winter coming up soon, and I’m counting on the choir to keep me cheerful.

Singing is Sexy

All girls love the guys who sing or play music.

You won’t be the exception – girls at the choir and outside the choir will find it cool and sexy that you sing. It will up your game immediately – and more as you get even better.

And at the choir all girls will be very much looking forward to have a conversation with you – much more than if you meet them at the club.

Singing creates bonding – there’s energy in the air, passion and a situation that is unlike any other. It’s an atmosphere that makes socialization and getting to know one another very easy.

Last Thoughts

Trust me – join a choir, go sing, spice your life up and meet a lot of nice girls. The sole of thought of it IS crazy, your friends will laugh at you… But just do it. If you want to meet girls, it is a place you don’t want to miss. Plus singing is a wonderful thing.

If you are still not convinced, however, remember: think outside the box. Don’t go and hunt for girls where all the other guys do. Don’t go and compete for the low-quality girls all the other guys are going for. Up your game and do outrageous things.

Joining a choir is one of such things. There are many more – and I’ll help you find the right one for you.