One Hour A Day to Making Things Happen

One well-planned project and one hour every day. That’s all you need to produce incredible results. I got the magic this week, as I finally finished the first solid draft of my manifesto (more on that one on Saturday).

One Hour A Day to Making Things Happen

I have been working on it since I came back from Brazil, but never gave it more than an hour a day. And it’s done. I completed the manifesto without pain, sweat and, it appears, almost without effort.

That’s the power of rituals. The power of building daily habits, which, if applied consistently over a long period of time, can produce amazing results. Imagine: just one hour a day got that thing done. It’s a big project, and I even took weekends off.

Why doesn’t, then, success as this one happen so often? There’s a simple answer:

It’s because we want the results now. That’s what keeps us out of true success. We want the money right now; we want a well-worked body in a week, and we want to meet our perfect boyfriend or girlfriend today.

The world pushes for immediate results, and we all fall in the trap. Most people want everything now.

It’s not impossible, but it’s not the best path to take. You must give your methods and projects time. If you work on them consistently, every day and completely focused, soon will results will speak for themselves. And it won’t take that long.

And this goes beyond writing and learning – everything is possible. Let me give you precise examples of what you could do:

  • Your goal is to make extra money each month? Well – Get up an hour earlier each morning and work on a project that can make you that extra money. And do it every day.
  • Perhaps is your goal to feel healthier, lose weight and have a better build. So then, dedicate one full hour a day exclusively to your health and nothing else. And do it every day.
  • The same applies if you want to find that dreamed prince or princess charming. He or she might not come and knock on your door – You have to go and look for him or her. Go for a coffee an hour a day, to art exhibitions, bars, yoga classes or wherever you feel you could find that someone. And do it every day.

Whatever your project is, if you follow this scheme I guarantee you’ll succeed. You’ll make it so it’s impossible that it doesn’t work out. Consistency is the key, no matter how big your goal is.

The best day to start was yesterday. So start now. Success is closer than you imagine.