One Habit a Month: Tracking ALL Expenses

If you really want to become a Super Human, the sure-proof road to success is to install one habit every month. Not any type of habit, but instead one that will make you a better person – more developed, organized, interesting, etc.

In the past year and half I’ve started with plenty of these new habits. I, for example:

• Started writing at least 2000 words every day.
• Started reading one book a week.
• Started going to the gym as first thing morning.
• Started writing my dream log.
• Started eating every two hours.

And more. I’ve kept a few of these and dropped a couple, but the overall picture looks much better than it did a year and half ago.

The trick is to install just one new habit every month and no more. The reason for this that it’s easy to fall back and be lazy about doing this new thing every day – but if you just focus on one thing you’ll have a high chance of making it happen.

Then, as you repeat the new routine or action for a month or so you’ll be so used to it that you’ll do it naturally and have few, if any, resistance to perform the action.

Finance Mastery

This last month my new habit was to write down everything that I spent money on. It’s a simple thing to do, yet many don’t do it and the benefits are gigantic.

So what I did is installed this ‘Money’ (it’s just called that way) program on my Mac and I wrote down every expense I had ever since. Big or small, I wrote EVERY EXPENSE.

Many times I had done something like this, especially when traveling, but this is the first time I’m completely hardcore about it. Knowing exactly what you are spending every month is a blessing. Especially when it’s not an estimate but the actual, precise number.

While I didn’t analyze my finances so much YET, I’ve silently collected a monstrous amount of data about how much and on what I spent my money. Again, this sounds simple but there is a big difference between knowing you spent $2,000 and knowing exactly where did each of those dollars go. It tells you a lot about yourself, your priorities, etc.

As with every habit, at the beginning this was a bit tedious – even if it was one of the easiest new routines to implement. But now it’s part of myself – even when I was away in Switzerland I was tracking down even the smallest chocolate I bought.

If you don’t know with which habit to start, or what to do this coming month, think about this as an option. There are plenty of apps for Iphone, Android, Windows, Mac or there’s the good-old pen and paper (or Excel sheet) to track all this up.

My plan is to make one post every month about the new habit I implemented – explaining how I did it and how it changed my life. I’ll keep this month’s (and the following’s!) secret until the thirty days finish.