On Wingmen

Everyone should have a wingman. They just work. Having someone cool to go out with is a winner in itself. No matter how good or how old you are, to have a seduction pal is always for the better. A good wingman will help you with your goal: getting the woman you want, love, sex, or whatever it is.

On Wingmen

What Wingmen Can Do

When I say that everyone should have a wingman I really mean it. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Your wing can entertain the friends of the girl you like while you are exclusively speaking to her.
  • Your wing will only speak fantastic things about you and make you look cooler, smarter and funnier than you actually are.
  • Your wing will cheer you up and give you energy when you are not in the mood.
  • And if you are about to concede defeat, your wing will get you up and running again.
  • Your wing will take care of you once you are too drunk to stand.
  • If you are shy, you’ll feel less awkward approaching with your wing.
  • It’s just more fun to go out together and then share experiences and anecdotes.

And more. These are just a few I came up with right now. But remember: a good team can do magic!

The Main Principle

There’s one main principle for winging: you win, I win. There’s no competition, fights or struggles among wingmen, just the joy and happiness of seeing one another succeed. You two care for each other and work for the team above than for yourself.

That’s what real winging is about. It may even evolve to have its own codes and rules. This has actually been depicted many times in different movies, series and sitcoms. A few examples are the rules of the Wedding Crashers and the Bro Code.

You don’t need to go that far, of course. But it’s just an example of what top winging should be like.

Where To Find A Wingman?

The ideal would be for your wingman to be one of your best friends. You’ll know a lot about each other, what you like, how you’ll react to things, and more. But it’s not the only option. Your brother, cousin or even someone who is far from being one of your best friends can be your wingman.

Anyway, he has to be the one who will make your success most likely. And sometimes it may happen that your friends are not right for that job. Perhaps they are too selfish, bad with girls, etc. When around girls many guys mysteriously change their personality after all.

When I was going around the world I found the most funny and most bizarre wingmen you could ever imagine. It’s just up to you to be open to take the chance and give them a try. People even look for wings on the Internet these days. The sky is the limit – just look for someone who you will feel really comfortable with.

And always: if you feel that your wingman is not doing the right job and even hindering your chances, speak up. There’s no such a thing as subordinate or star among wings. It’s a team. If not, it’s not winging.

Going Out Alone

If you still don’t want to find a wingman and rather go out alone, go ahead. Feel free, but take this stuff into consideration. It’s always better to go out with someone, provided that someone is cool enough and up to the challenge.