On Complimenting Women

Whoever said that you shouldn’t compliment girls is wrong. But there are ways and ways of complimenting, one of which is the one you have to use. As long as you keep yourself on the right track, small compliments can take you far.

On Complimenting Women

Most men believe that compliments are limited to things as “you are so hot,” “you are the girl of my dreams,” etc. And this is why most fail. They don’t realize this is void and pure nonsense for women. They are looking for something else.

A good compliment goes beyond. It doesn’t come as a beg or comment, it comes as a deep screening of what she is. It’s about her style, her poise, her energy or something unique about the way she dresses. It’s, then, NOT about her looks. You have to learn to notice things – the small details – and compliment about that. It’s what girls are waiting for.

A few examples are:

  • “You really care about your friends. I bet you will make a really good mother.”
  • “You seem like someone who really knows what she wants, I admire that.”
  • “You have a good energy.”
  • “You seem to be very connected with your emotions.”
  • “You have a very expressive personality”

And more.  See the point? Once you get this, you can take it to the next level. This is, start using compliments to direct her behavior the way you want to.

If she’s being rude (or you want her to think she’s being rude) you can say something like “You are too classy to act like this.” If she agrees with what you say she’ll be gentler than she was before – even if she was already gentle! She’ll play the role you are giving her.

This is very powerful when you are flirting. You’ll stun the girl – you might even leave a big impression on her. If you hit the right key – that thing they want to hear and no one else says – you might be up to something big.