Lucky Chip Spin App Review: Can You Really Earn Money?


Are you curious about Lucky Chip Spin, the latest coin pusher game that claims to transfer virtual dollars to your PayPal account? Before you start tapping your phone to earn free money on demand, you need to be aware that many applications use fake rewards to increase profits. Sadly, millions of people have already wasted countless hours chasing the carrot, only to make developers richer and richer. Let’s find out whether Lucky Chip Spin is legit or fake.

What Is Lucky Chip Spin?

Lucky Chip Spin is an addictive Android game that features a coin pusher and a slot machine. It’s similar to other popular games like Dozer Mania and Crazy Pusher. You drop coins to push them off the edge with the dozer, collecting virtual dollars redeemable via PayPal or Cash app. In the Privacy Policy, the app is supposedly owned by an entity called “Luckyspin,” but no company with that name was found.

How Does Lucky Chip Spin Work?


Lucky Chip Spin is available in all countries for Android devices. The permissions page reveals that the app can read, modify, and delete the contents of your USB storage. This could be a security concern, as it’s unclear to what extent the app can access your photos and files.

How to Play Lucky Chip Spin?

Playing Lucky Chip Spin is easy. Tap where you want the coins to fall, and the dozer will push them off the front edge. You earn virtual dollars or tokens depending on whether you drop green chips or gold coins. You can earn rewards faster by completing quests and watching sponsored videos. You can also use the shake or wall to eliminate many coins and break the piggy bank to collect more rewards.

How Can You Cash Out?

To cash out, tap the “Cash out” button beside your balance and choose from various withdrawal options. You need to reach at least $300 to cash out via PayPal or Cash app. Tokens can supposedly be exchanged for $500, and if you land 777 on the slots, you can win $777 paid via PayPal or Cash app. Lucky Chip Spin also gives away a $1,000 prize for those who collect 36 fruits via the slot machine. Whether they’ll let you meet the requirements and transfer the money remains to be seen.

Is Lucky Chip Spin Legit? Does It Pay?

Is it a legitimate opportunity? Does it actually pay? The short answer is no.

Lucky Chip Spin is just a coin dozer simulation game that is available for download on mobile devices. The game is designed to be addictive, encouraging players to collect as many virtual dollars and items as possible. However, the virtual rewards you collect while playing the game won’t convert to real money in any way.

Why Lucky Chip Spin is not a legit way to make money? The fact that Lucky Chip Spin is not fully launched on Google Play is a big red flag. Many games are being released as “Early Access” just to block reviews from upset users. In addition, the developer advertises the app as an opportunity to earn money, but the reality is that players will not receive any actual cash.

Furthermore, Lucky Chip Spin wants you to watch as many ads as possible with the goal of maximizing profits. Their key strategy is to offer virtual items that actually never convert to real money. Since the developer advertises the app as an opportunity to earn money, it’s their moral obligation to pay. However, when it comes to operating a business, virtues don’t really count.

Is there an alternative?

Yes, there is an alternative. Coin Dozer is another popular coin dozer simulation game that allows you to collect entries for the daily prize drawing. However, it’s important to keep in mind that winnings depend on luck, so there’s no guarantee of making money with this game either.


Lucky Chip Spin may be a fun game to play, but it’s important to be cautious when it comes to earning money. While the app may be legitimate, it’s best to manage your expectations and avoid wasting too much time or money on it. Always research and verify any rewards or claims made by apps before investing your time and effort.