Losing Weight Is Not Hard

There are no secrets when it comes to losing weight. It is dead simple, there’s only one thing you have to do: be disciplined. Obviously, being disciplined could be and is hard for many people. But if you are fat, there are already many motivations for you to get serious and do what you have to do. After all, being overweight is unhealthy, looks bad and only gives you complications. It is better to stay fit and lose those extra pounds. So, there are two things you have to focus on: food and exercise.

Wise doctors won’t give you diets with a strange name nor some innovative pills. When it comes to losing weight, the best advice you can hear is: if you don’t eat, you don’t gain weight. Of course, if you don’t eat you die, so that makes the situation a little bit tricky. But we can agree that the less you eat, the less weight you’ll gain.

Eat small quantities and eat good food. Ask for doctor or nutritionist help and set up a very conservative diet. Make sure you don’t eat ANY of those things that make you fat. These include, for instance: bread, cheese, fast food, alcohol and a whole lot more. Even if you love all these, just quit. Food is like smoking or drugs, but perhaps even worse. It’s up to you to be disciplined and face what it takes for you to lose those pounds. Stop eating.

But if you want to compliment the diet and lose weight faster, you also have to exercise. And exercise doesn’t mean going to the gym twice a week and doing some weight lifting. If you are serious about this, you have to prepare yourself for a very tough workout program. Go running, burn fat, do those things that really demand you to work hard and do them consistently.

For example, make a compromise with yourself and go running an hour every day. Don’t take breaks; keep running until you are in the brink of collapse. And, to make it all more drastic, go with ski clothes on. That may sound just crazy and out of this world, but in the end will make you sweat more and lose those kilos faster. Of course, make sure to take your water (and not your coke!) to replenish those lost liquids too.

And last, discipline means consistency. You’ll have to change your lifestyle and the results won’t come that fast. You won’t lose all your extra pounds in just a month or two – that’s a dream. You will certainly make progress, but the real results will come in the longer term. Only then you’ll achieve what you proposed yourself to. The steps and the instructions are easy, but the way is long. Discipline!

And an extra note: it may happen that you do everything but you still can’t lose weight. It is a possibility, as not everyone has the same metabolism. But don’t give up! Speak with the experts and remember that if you are disciplined and ambitious in your goal, it will work out. It has to!