Load Balls 3D App Review: Legitimate Way to Earn Rewards or Scam?


Welcome to my review of the Load Balls 3D app, a popular puzzle game that has recently gone viral. One of the main draws of this app is the promise of a $1,000 payout for those who fulfill certain requirements.

However, it’s important to be cautious when it comes to apps that promise easy rewards, as many of them turn out to be fake. You don’t want to waste your time on an app that won’t actually pay out in the end.

Is Load Balls 3D a Legitimate Way to Earn Money Online?

Let’s take a closer look. Load Balls 3D is a fun puzzle game where you move balls around to collect virtual dollars. The goal is to transfer as many colored balls as possible from one compartment to another until they fall into a truck at the bottom.

Once you’ve collected enough colored balls, you’ll pass the level and earn virtual cash and iPhone puzzles.


Load Balls 3D is still in development, which means that reviews are currently unavailable. However, the game has already been installed over 50,000 times.

Upon installing the app from Google Play, you can start playing right away. Keep in mind that this app requires permission to read, modify, and delete files on your device, which may raise some red flags.

How Does Load Balls 3D Work?

To earn virtual cash in Load Balls 3D, you’ll need to complete each level and then open four gift boxes. The cash is deposited into your PayPal or Amazon balance, but only after watching a video.

You may also earn instant rewards by playing with balls that have the PayPal or Amazon logo. However, it’s important to note that Load Balls 3D claims you can only withdraw the money once you accumulate $1,000 within 24 hours.

Is Load Balls 3D a Legitimate App?

Unfortunately, Load Balls 3D does not pay out, so it’s best to avoid wasting your time on this game if you’re hoping to earn money. While the app initially suggests that you can redeem $1,000 after collecting enough virtual dollars, the reality is quite different. After entering your email address and requesting payment, you’ll be instructed to watch 20 videos within 36 hours in order to activate the order.

However, this is just the beginning. Load Balls 3D will then claim that the daily limit is 100 orders and that you can apply directly by watching another 20 advertisements. And even after that, the app will ask you to watch 50 more ads to speed up the review process.

The truth is, Load Balls 3D is simply using a common tactic to boost their advertising profits at the expense of your time. So, if you’re looking for a legitimate way to earn money online, it’s best to look elsewhere.

Pros and Cons of Load Balls 3D


  • Load Balls 3D is a fun and challenging puzzle game that exercises your brain and helps you pass the time.
  • You can earn virtual cash and iPhone puzzle pieces by completing levels and opening gift boxes.
  • The game features balls with the PayPal or Amazon logo that give instant rewards when they hit the truck.
  • Load Balls 3D is available in all countries for Android users and can be installed easily from Google Play.


  • Load Balls 3D falsely claims to pay $1,000 to those who fulfill all the requirements, which is not true.
  • The game requires access to your device’s USB storage, which can be a potential privacy concern.
  • To claim your virtual cash, you need to watch a lot of videos, which can be time-consuming and frustrating.
  • Load Balls 3D is still in development, so the reviews are blocked, and you cannot learn from other people’s experiences.


Load Balls 3D is a game that has gained popularity due to the promise of earning $1,000 by collecting virtual dollars. However, our review indicates that the claims of earning money are false, and the game is only using a common tactic to increase their advertising profits at the expense of the players’ time.

While the game itself can be entertaining and exercise the brain, the deceptive tactics employed to lure players into watching advertisements are unethical. Additionally, the app’s requirement for access to USB storage raises concerns over data privacy and security.

Therefore, we advise our readers to avoid playing Load Balls 3D for the purpose of earning money and to exercise caution when granting app permissions.