Keeping Money Safe When You Travel

Cash is King

When traveling, you got to find the right balance between cash, checks and cards. But the most important thing to take with you is plenty of cash. It could happen that your checks can’t be changed and that your cards won’t work. What could you do then if it’s an emergency or you don’t have any other choice? You’ll have to use cash. So keep a few hundred dollars saved and don’t use them unless you don’t have any other choice.

Never travel without cash on you. Take U.S. Dollars or Euros, as they are the most widely accepted and make sure they are new bills with no writing on them. Avoid possible problems and also make sure to write down the number and series of your big-number bills. It may come in handy!

Pay hostels, train tickets and most things you can with credit card, so as to save your cash or keep it for when you have an emergency or no other choice. Have photocopies of your credit cards, write down their numbers and make sure you know what to do if they get lost or robbed. You could also take a few traveler checks with you as they provide one of the safest (though a bit uncomfortable) forms of money.

Keeping Your Cash Safe

If you take cash with you make sure you take good care of it! Two things are important:

  • Don’t have all the cash in the same place.
  • Make sure you have a very safe place to hide it.

Those kinds of “body pocket” things are quite cool, but if you are getting into dodgy places, bad guys might know that you are probably using one (as all tourists do.) Take some of your cash in one of these as well as your passport (with copies somewhere else) but leave the biggest chunk in a safer place.

For that I recommend you to check out this belt here. It has a zipper, absolutely hidden and almost unnoticeable where you can fold and store a lot of money. It’s the safest way to move around with money and the one every traveler should use.

It’s up to you

If you take all the precautions it will be hard for you go have big problems on the road. Avoid complications and take your time to take those photocopies, buy those belts, write down those numbers and plan the financial side of your trip. It won’t take you that long and it’s really worth it!