Immediately Multiply Success With Women

This is article is part of the Inspiration Method Series. The Inspiration Method, still under development, will become the world’s most powerful way of seduction. It’s a thoroughly studied and practical method with the aim of achieving the greatest results in the shortest period of time.

Immediately Multiply Success With Women

The 80/20 Rule

Unless you have been living in cave for the past few centuries, you probably heard about this famous principle, otherwise known as Pareto’s Law. What Pareto says is that 80% of the outputs result from 20% of the inputs. And, depending on the context, it can be said that 80% of the consequences flow from 20% of the causes, 80% of the results come from 20% of the effort and time, etc.

The rule was first thought up for economic analysis, but it has since become part of our everyday life. Wise people started applying the principle for everything possible and to astonishing results. You can ask, for instance: Which 20% of sources are causing 80% of my problems and unhappiness? Or, which 20% of sources are causing 80% of my desired outcomes and happiness?

May look very basic, but this rule is tremendously powerful if it’s consistently and wisely applied.

Applying the 80/20 Rule to Seduction

Apply Pareto’s rule to seduction and you’ll experience immediate results.  It’s really that powerful. How could you, then, apply it to your pickup? Here are some examples:

  • Which 20% of the times you went out you got 80% of the girls?
  • At which 20% of the places you go out to do you get 80% of the girls?
  • Which 20% of the places you go to have 80% of the girls you like?
  • Which 20% of your jokes get you 80% of the compliments?
  • Which 20% of your lines get you 80% of the kisses?
  • Using which 20% of your clothes do 80% of the girls find you the most attractive?

You can apply the principle in a negative way too. For instance:

  • At which 20% of the places you go out to you get 80% of your bad moments?
  • Which 20% of your attitudes result in 80% of bad experiences?
  • Which 20% of your lines get you 80% of the rejections?
  • Which 20% of the teases get you 80% of the slaps?

Think hard. No matter how good or bad you are, the rules apply. Even if you don’t notice it, almost all the times 20% of what you do will result in 80% of the consequences. It’s that clear that it becomes even scary.

Raising Your Chances From Day Zero

Most of the so-called expert pickup artists brag that they have gone out so much that their game has inevitably got better. And I totally agree. The more you go out, the more practice you will have and the more you’ll develop the skill. Seduction, after all, is a skill like no other. Presented with the right manuals and with consistent practice you will surely get better.

But if you don’t have the time, money or enthusiasm to go out four or five times out a week, then it will be hard for you, with these methods, make a real breakthrough. Then it’s when you got to apply the 80/20 Rule.

My Experience & Analysis

I never had problems with girls. But I wasn’t a spectacular seducer until I started to constantly apply Pareto’s principle. A few (but deep) changes in my strategies multiplied my success. What I did first was to, mostly by commonsense, figure out what was that girls liked the most about me. That was (and is now):

1) I can be very inspiring (in every sense of the word.)
2) I speak with a super-hot accent (in Spanish, English and German.)
3) I’m more cultured than almost anyone my age (most girls don’t care about this, but the ones I like for real do).
4) (Lately, to my great surprise) I have a seduction website.

Find out these for yourself and you’ll run into surprises. I always thought girls would feel extremely excited to hear stories of me fighting mobs in Romania, but the great majority didn’t. They were much more turned on by the points above.

Ever since, then, I make even more emphasis in these four. I exaggerate my accent even more, focus on inspiration, mention the website and always make them comfortable. I occasionally tell the Romanian stories and all… But I don’t make it an objective of the conversations to end there.

Getting Out

I have already pointed out on this article that the best place to go out depends on you. Some will have success in clubs, some others playing sports and others, like me, will be unbeatable at culture-heavy social meetings and expositions.

This is the reason I hardly go clubbing these days. I do, once a while, go out with all my friends and drink and dance for joy and happiness, friendship and more. But it’s not the place I go if I want to pick up girls.

I instead go dancing tango, to art expositions, museums or cultural meet ups. There’s where my success multiplies. I do this to the point that I rather go out once a week to one of these options than three times to a club.

Again, just like the pickup artists did, I could go to the clubs and practice that much until I get the girl I want to home. But is it worth it? Not really. I’m sure I could do it if I wanted to… But my strategy’s payoff is that great that I don’t even need to mind. I get higher quality girls, the ones I really like and the ones you’ll hardly ever get a club because of having a high skill in those particular places.

It applies to EVERYTHING, I tell you.

I also noticed that 20% of my dates (those with foreigners) resulted in 80% of the best experiences. I didn’t give up on Argentineans, for they are beautiful and I have a great time with them. But if I want to get a new girlfriend faster I will go to places where I can find foreigners.

Apply Pareto’s principle to everything! You can’t imagine how big jump in your success you’ll have just by being wise and sticking to it for real. Think about it!