I Enjoy Life

I think what is more important is WHO is the person “doing” the pick up. How do I live through my life? Yeah, technique and actions are important to talk about. I think it’s essential to talk about who I am now – the person I’ve grown into.

When I am at my best (and, in turn, when my interactions go the best), I am being this person:

I live in the moment. I am totally present to the moment I am in. My mind isn’t somewhere else and it definitely isn’t analyzing anything.

I love the moment. Wherever I am, whatever the situation, I do my best to fully love it. I am grateful for it. Frankly, we should all be grateful. You could be one of the millions of people on Earth living in a hut… If you’re reading these words, you have luxuries people couldn’t have dreamt of 100 years ago.

I truly enjoy other areas of life. When I was in high school, I learned to play guitar and piano, but eventually stopped playing and singing. After college, I decided to pick it back it, but this time to love music… to go all the way with my playing and singing. Now, I don’t perform for others– I do it for myself. But my point here is that when I’m playing and singing, I go all the way with it. I immerse myself in the experience and I love it fully. When I’m listening to music, I really love the experience deeply. When I talk to a woman about music, she can feel that.

No negativity. I do not indulge in thoughts that don’t “feel good”. No self-doubt, no self-criticism, no guilt, no regret. Outwardly, no criticism, no attacking, no judgments, no hate, no jealousy. If I’m going to judge a situation, it’s going to be in a positive frame – optimistic. Legend will tell you – I am relentlessly optimistic.

It’s all good. Since I’m enjoying every moment, in the moment, I’m attached to whatever happens. I’m getting to learn and participate in life. All outcomes are great – I play the game and drive in a certain direction (towards hooking up), but simply being able to participate in the game is something to be grateful for… so I am.

What do you guys think? What is your experience like when you are out in the world, meeting new women?