How To Write Excellent Messages to Girls

This article is a continuation from our Online Dating Series.How To Write Excellent Messages to Girls

Now it’s time to take the initiative. You might have the most perfect profile out there, but it’s of no use unless you take some action. It’s time for you to finally write this girl you like a message. Hot women can get up to hundreds of emails each day, so your goal and objective here has to differentiate from all those other average guys.

Following is a guideline for writing a message that will impress her and make her want to know more of you.

Be personal

You never want to copy & paste, no way. In order to grab the attention of the woman you want, you got to be personal. Add her as a friend before sending her a message. Read her profile, find interests in common and take a look at her photos. That will give you plenty of material to speak about.

Stand out with the subject line

“Hello”, “Hi” and “Hey” greetings, with all their possible variations, are the big protagonists in every woman’s inbox. Though it’s better than to leave the subject line empty, it won’t take you where you want to go. It’s easy to stand out here: just write her something personal. Make it cocky, funny. Slightly disqualify her or make her a funny question about the content in her profile. From the whole inbox you’ll be then the one she will read first.

Keep your message short

Never write more than two paragraphs, it’s a big turn off. It will be scary for her and it will show too much interest and dedication. You have to sound natural and spontaneous. Save your eagerness to speak and to tell her your story for later. Don’t think too much what to write. Your doubts will be expressed in each and every of your words.

Mind your grammar and spelling

By no means dare to have grammar or spelling mistakes in your message. Intelligence means higher value and you can hardly show it off if you don’t know how to write. And mind, you’ll always look stupid if you write things like “What r ur plans for 4day?” HORRIBLE! Some guys believe it’s cool but it’s the whole contrary. Write the words completely ok? And don’t use emoticons.

Write with confidence

Remember: your life is amazing and she is lucky you wrote her. Feel this way and make her feel it too. Never sound desperate, have a great man’s attitude. Don’t talk about dating or sex just now, go with ease. Show your value and don’t give her the upper hand: save compliments and nice comments for later. If she doesn’t treat you well, always be willing to walk away.

Met her before?

That would make everything much easier. Never ask her if she remembers you, be yourself the one telling her shortly where you met. Proceed with lines as “Never would have expected you to xxx..”, slightly disqualifying her but with a bit of fun on it.


You’ll soon start meeting possibly hundreds of women. It will happen that you might specially like one, right? Even if I you are really attracted to her, don’t get too attached. Until you meet in person, be ready to let her go. You don’t want to waste your precious time with a woman who is not genuinely interested with you.

This is just about the first message, though the general guideline applies for what’s to follow. Stay tuned as we’ll cover each and every part of your online dating in the near future.