How to Write a Great Online Dating Profile

Online dating has become the ultimate place to find your perfect match. As explained in the last article, it’s a great place to meet women – much more effective than clubs or bars. There are a hundreds of dating sites and thousands of social networks around with many, many women waiting for you to contact them. From them all, there’s one big one you should focus on: Facebook.How to Write a Great Online Dating Profile

Facebook is the site with the biggest amount of attractive women, so there’s where you want to be. Also, it’s the one place where it’s easier to show off your value, where you can demonstrate women what you are worth of.

Specifically, the place where you display all these qualities is the Profile. The profile will be your very own blueprint, as well as the first impression of you all women will have. Your profile is the best way to show your value and building a great one is the essential first step in the attraction game. It’s of great importance that the profile shows off the very best of you. The following guide, divided in four parts, will help you building and polishing a profile women will feel attracted to.

Photos and the Profile Picture

Never underestimate the importance of photos. Not even dare! Before any woman reads your profile, you will have to impress her with a nice, charming picture. It’s what builds the initial attraction. So be sure of having a great profile picture – the best it could get. Don’t post any other photo; don’t post what you and just you believe it’s cool. This is serious so you’ll have to go for the best.

My recommendation is, if you have the money and seriously want to foray into the world of online dating, hire a professional to take pictures of you. Believe me that you’ll never regret it. These guys will get the best shot possible of you, with all the positive aspects this can mean. If you don’t want to do this, still be sure of still having a great shot. Take photos with a good camera and emphasizing those which are your best aspects (muscles, eyes, hair, etc). Look clean and choose the right clothes – don’t let any small detail ruin all the work.

Your profile picture, though, has not to be your only photo. Have a couple of albums around… Show off your friends, your family and shots of you with people, girls, and always with a nice smile. Look as if you were always having a great time and that others have a great time around YOU. Tagged photos of you will always help, but if they are few or don’t work towards our goal, just set them private. Make them public only if they show the best of your personality and you are sure they will help for your ultimate purpose.

The Wall and Friends

In the same sense the photos will build attraction, the Wall posts and the Friends you have will show her your social proof. Showing her that you have many friends (150-200, at the very least) is always important. If you have very few of them use the invite tool or visit the “Add friends” groups. Unlike other social networks, in Facebook your friends are usually people you know. So showing you know a good number of people will improve this social proof we are so worried about. Just be sure, though, not to flood your page with strangers you never heard of and will never care.

But still, what makes the real difference and the most important impact in the social proof and raises your value the most is how popular you are. The number of friends is significant, but so is the amount of comments and wall posts you have. You need to have an active and dynamic profile, and for that it’s you who has to make the move first. Write other friend’s walls, comment on their photos and updates. The more you do it, the more they’ll return.

Still, be careful about not exaggerating as you could look creepy. Having 1000+ friends would be odd and writing your friends too often and too much can be annoying. Don’t put them against you – find the right balance!

Groups, Pages, Interests and Status Updates

After gaining attraction and social proof comes showing your identity – and these four are the right places to do so. Be sure to have a complete profile: write your interests, favorite movies and music and which are the activities you do. Write a few nice paragraphs about you, further demonstrating who you are. These are all future conversation points, so you might have a sleeper hit in there. And for the sake of mankind, don’t dare to have spelling or grammar mistakes!

When it comes to Groups and Pages, they are where you further develop your online identity. Be sure to join and subscribe to at least a few of them, all of which should be around your interests. Try to differentiate from the others and enter a bit more unconventional yet cool ones (again, NO creepy stuff!) In there you’ll find potential friends and we’ll cover in the future how to flirt in them too. Grow your social proof further by becoming officer in some groups or building a popular Page. All these small details will keep making the difference in the future.

As for Status Updates, they are really something to be careful of. Write a few interesting, cocky updates once a while. She will surely read and make conclusions from your updates, so show the best of you in them. Show in each one of them what makes you special and work to further increase your value. Be careful not to exaggerate! People will get annoyed if you flood their homepage, so restrain of pushing that “Share” button too often. Don’t post all the time and try not to take lots of those questionnaires and quizzes around.

Other Points

– There’s this small box under the profile picture. Use it! Write something nice in there, something cocky. Think about a great quotation or something funny about you. But don’t leave it in blank and don’t sound boring!

– Don’t flood your profile with applications. The less the better! Only post the applications you believe can raise your value. If you have traveled, for example, place the Cities Visited map. If you write great poems, place the notes box in there. But trust me that the Zombie Attack & similar will destroy all the work you have made. And by no means dare to send women those application requests unless it’s something really relevant (most of the times, if not always, it’s not)

– Only show your job and education information if they will raise your value. If not, restrain. Don’t just show off everything. Keep some things for yourself and for later!

– Don’t post your instant messengers accounts or email in your profile. Reveal it at the right moment or make her ask you for them.

– Never post your relationship status. If you are single, don’t say it. The moment she asks you means she is starting to get interested in you.

– Any woman that reads your profile has to know that she is not the only one doing so. Don’t look like a pimp but yes as a man who has enough women in his life. Make her feel that she also has to win you.

Final Thoughts

The moment this woman you want takes a look at your profile she has to be impressed. She has to think how nice it would be if you write her an email and how great it would be to get to know more of you. With attractive photos, social proof and an interesting and complete profile, you are all set to make this come true.