How to Wake Up Productive And Get Things Done

What It Is About

The Motivation Letter is simple. It’s just a small sheet of paper where you write down what you want to get from life, from the current year and from the incoming weeks. It shouldn’t be long and should only focus on what really matters to you.

Once you have it done, you’ll read it every day. You’ll read it every morning, every noon and every night. The goal is to give you a burst of incitement and energy all through the day. It’s not about the Law of Attraction – Not at all. It’s there to keep you thrilled, excited and focused on what really matters all day long.

Putting It Into Action

Having this motivation letter is very powerful – It simply keeps your motivation up. Whenever you are feeling down or not knowing what to do, go ahead and read the letter. When you are feeling the day is being unproductive or you are idling too much, go and read the letter.

It will remind you of what you want to achieve in life. And, guys, how powerful can that be? Huge, you can imagine. Be it business, skills or love, knowing the outcome of your efforts is huge motivation to keep pressing on.

To make it work you have to keep it short. Put down the goals that matter and make it easy for you to visualize.

My Example

So – How, then, should this kind of letter look like? I’ll copy mine here so you can let yourself imagine:

“I must imagine my life in Greece. For one minute – Feel the wind, hear the birds and see the sun rise. See my beautiful girlfriend and say ‘These are good times.’

I speak now more than five languages, have a big business and I keep strong and healthy. These are good times.

Soon will I finish writing my first book. My fans are waiting and so are my clients, family and friends. They all want to get in touch and hear the last news and ideas. These are good times.

But – Wake up, Mario. Now, exactly now, this is not real. Not yet – But today you can make a big step in that direction. You can be closer to your dreams.

You have to aim for the stars.”

This is how, roughly, my letter looks like. I say roughly because, as a language freak I am, I write this letter in the language I’m trying to learn at that moment. So now it’s in German – It was in Portuguese before and it has been in English and Japanese too.

You’ll notice two important things. First, I visualize. I try to imagine, live and feel through all my senses what my perfect life would be. I’m lucky enough and visited Greece already – So I can picture exactly what is the place I want to be is (and with who.)

Second, I introduce a wake-up call. I want to dream but I have to ‘get back home.’ At least for now – Until I complete the tasks that will make me achieve that lifestyle I want. This is really powerful. It’s a huge motivation and the elegant way of saying “I want to go to Planet B, but I’m in Planet A right now. So well, I have to get my ass moving.”

Get Your Own Letter

Give it a try and write down your own letter. Make it a habit to wake up and read it, to read it after lunch and after dinner. Slowly but progressively this small thing has the power to change your life.

Well, maybe not your life itself but it will still change you. And staying motivated, thrilled and excited is the way to have a positive outcome in everything you do.

Now go and write it down. Make sure to post your success stories (or even the whole letter) on the comments section.

Motivation Poster

This one is a bonus. To make motivation and excitement even bigger, I couple the letter with a huge poster/collage. I make one poster per year and, occasionally, I tweak it up a bit as the year goes by. This one it’s not as simple and focuses on all the things I want to do and should do during the year. It’s kind of a visualization of my whole new-year resolutions.

Basically it includes:

  • Financial Goals: exact money I want to be earning per-day.
  • Writing Goals: pictures of my blogs, book and movie script.
  • Travel Goals: photos of the places I want to live at this year (Brazil, Italy and Greece.)
  • Academic Goals: the universities I want to make my masters at.
  • Love Goals: the exact girls I want to be with, plus a few very beautiful ones to motivate me.
  • Language Goals: it has the Brazilian flag (Portuguese), Italian flag and German flag.
  • Motivational People: a few people whose inspiring story is something I have to remember every day.

And that’s not all – The poster includes figures, quotes and messages representing all what I want for the year. It really helps to take the best out of me and keep me thrilled all-day long. I hang this poster on my wall and use it as my desktop wallpaper too. It’s just impossible not to notice it.