How To Travel Australia On A Budget

Even though it is known for its high-cost of living, travelling to Australia can be done on a budget. If you have been longing to visit this wonderful and amazing country for a while now, but you are having second thoughts due to financial reasons, here are some tips on how you can make your trip to Down Under as budget-friendly as possible:

Plan several months in advance.

Plane tickets tend to be a lot cheaper if booked way in advance. Therefore, start your hunt for tickets to Australia three months or even one year before your target departure date.

Also, make accommodation reservations or bookings ahead of time, ideally at least a month before to avoid higher prices and ensure that you have a place to stay on your trip.

Doing these would save you a significant amount of money and enable you to use that wiggle room in your budget for other activities on your upcoming trip.

Spend time on the internet searching for cheap airline tickets

Plane tickets can take up the majority of most travellers’ budgets, so dedicating hours to find some awesome deals to cut down your expenses should be a top priority.

There are several airline companies that fly to Australia, so check out their websites for any promos or discount offers. Sign up for e-mail alerts to be able to receive the latest news and updates on their travel packages.

In addition to that, go to flight search and price comparison websites to discover the best route for your trip, money-wise. Some of the cheaper results may have more stops and longer layover hours, but if you would not mind these kinds of inconveniences so much, you better go for them before these offers run out.

Purchase a tourist discount pass or card

In Australia, the major tourist cities have different discount cards available for tourists. Having these passes would allow you to avail of free entrance to a number of attractions and discounted rates to other sites. You can look them up online and decide which one would fit your itinerary best and benefit you the most economically.

Take advantage of anything free

Australia has loads to offer to people who want to experience its culture, history, wildlife, and nature without having to spend so much.

Various museums all over the country offer free entrance to their permanent collections and exhibits. In Sydney, for instance, anyone can visit the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Art Gallery of NSW without charge. In Brisbane, the Queensland Museum and the Queensland Art Gallery are also free to visit.

For wildlife and nature attractions, the Tidal River Campground in Victoria, the Bowling Green Bay National Park in Queensland, and the Murramurang National Park in New South Wales all have special areas and campgrounds that charge zero fees for both kids and adults to enjoy the company of wombats, kangaroos, alligators, and other exotic flora and fauna.

Skip the high-end restaurants

There are many affordable food places around Australia, so go to these and get a real feel of what the locals are into. Try the fish and chips sold in food carts or stalls. Buy fresh, home-grown produce, such as mangoes, tomatoes, and papayas, in a village market. Have a breakfast of hot coffee and artisan breads in a small bakery around the corner. Seek these places out and do not be afraid to be adventurous!