How to Tell Inspiring Anecdotes and Stories

I have already written about the power of telling anecdotes and stories. Basically, being a great, charming and cocky storyteller will raise your chances considerably. Women love to hear special and unique stories – Making this one of the ultimate ways to demonstrate social proof, to show off charisma and also to inspire. It just works.

Still, there are many men who think they didn’t do something epic, something they might think worth of telling. But guys, everyone has something remarkable to say, I’m sure about that. You got to find what it is – What is that makes you special. Search for your strong points and which of your experiences will be the most appealing to women.

It’s something basic – You got to find out! And, either way, if you want to tell a story, those great experiences don’t necessarily have to be yours. You can tell some amazing story about someone who know, of a friend or even someone you just heard about once. Just find a way to connect yourself into the anecdote somehow! I’ll give you a few examples so you can get an idea of what I’m talking about.

One memorable story, for instance, is the one of a fellow Argentinean. This guy, over his thirties, had a nice job, a happy relationship and, over all, what many would call a fulfilling life here in Buenos Aires. But he was bored – he wanted to do something exciting for a change. So he left everything and with the money he had saved he went all the way to South Africa.

He didn’t go to South Africa to settle down. Instead, he just went with a backpack, a laptop and, once there, he bought a bicycle. For the next three years he would travel all the way up to Egypt, visiting most of the African continent on the way. He saw fantastic places, met lost tribes, fought mobs like James Bond and had the most amazing adventures you could ever imagine.

What this guy did was unique. First, because he had the guts to leave what was in many other people’s eyes a good life and second because of the epic he lived. His anecdotes are endless and each of these stories are something you probably never heard about before. Just to give you an idea – he was promoted as “sub chief” of a tribe in Ghana. That without effort – just because he was the first white person these people had ever seen.

How do I fit into all that? I’m cool enough to know him and I know how to tell his story. Guys love to hear about it – and, in case you wonder, also women!

Just as this guy, I know a lot of other stories that are amazing to tell. I met this Japanese backpacker who had slept under a bridge in Kiev (Ukraine) just because he was too tired to go and look for a hotel. Then, this other guy traveled more than 500km just to get a kiss and spend a few hours with someone he wanted to see again.

Traveling around the world certainly has given me the chance to meet all these special personalities first hand. But if you have never meet guys as these, it is no problem! There are hundreds, thousands of personalities who can enrich you, whose stories and life are already amazing stories to tell. Adopt them! I’ll post about my favorite personalities someday soon – But until then, think on those who you admire and their story. Practice telling these stories and adapt them to your pick up game!

All the stories, though, have to share one thing: they have to be inspiring. Inspirational stories are my favorite – they leave you something inside, something you won’t forget. They make you change, they make you better and they could go as far as changing your life. Take that inspiration as a weapon yourself and use it. Inspirational stories are powerful and as such they are among the most successful womanizing techniques you could ever have.

In the future I’ll be writing an article on the people I feel are the most inspiring for me and why. Those people whose stories I find amazing and worth telling – And a way for you to reach them.