How To Pick Up Older Women

The biggest bullshit myth out there is that it’s harder to date older women. If you believe that then I’ll bet money you’re under 25 years of age. In fact the opposite is true: the value of a woman decreases with age, not increases. Sure she is more sexually experienced, but her skin loses tightness, her face wrinkles, her vagina loosens, and well, you get the idea.How To Pick Up Older Women

The moment you believe that older women are easier because of their age, the quicker you start putting out an “I don’t care about age” vibe when you interact with them. If you make it seem like their age actually hurts their chances with you, they will do all they can to make it seem like they are not that old after all.

Get it?

So how can you do that when actually talking to a girl. When the topic of age comes out, say, “Well I think you may be a little too old for me.” Make sure you give a smirk when you say this. What this tells her is that you are judging her worth and is not sure about her. This sends all the right signals, that you are valuable because of your youth and not the other way around.

Say it with confidence and always believe that your age is the optimum, no matter what age you really are.