How To Pick Up Girls On The Street

Do girls like being hit on the street by random men?

99% of girls will say no. Actually 100% will say no. The reason is because most men who do it (construction workers, thugs) have horrible street game. In reality girls love being hit on by men who make them feel attraction and give them good conversation, regardless of where it is.How To Pick Up Girls On The Street

I’m writing this a day after I got the number of an 8/8.5 (according to my friend’s rating), who was walking alone early Tuesday evening in Washington DC. Let me explain how I did it so you can go out there and do it yourself. While you’re reading see if you can identify the pattern as to why it worked.

While walking on the sidewalk I spotted a very cute girl coming towards me and my friends from the opposite direction. The time was around 8pm. My two friends didn’t know I was going to approach her so they sort of drifted off to the side and talked amongst themselves fifteen feet away while the whole thing happened.

I stopped when she was about five feet away from me and said…

“Excuse me, do you by chance know a good bar to hang out at… one that has more than five guys sitting all sad and lonely?”

She came to a stop and started throwing out names of bars. I playfully shot down all her choices as not being cool and fun enough. In fact I already knew all the bars in the area.

After about 90 seconds of talking about bars I said, “Well, I’m actually looking for bride, a cool chick that I can marry hopefully soon. I was hoping for a place around here where I could find her.”

She laughed and mentioned one more bar name, as if I’d actually find a bride there. I said, “Well we just came from around there and it’s pretty dead tonight. But actually you know what I’m playing… I saw you walking and just wanted to talk to you.” She gave off one of those ‘A-ha I knew it!’ smiles.

The energy of the conversation changed for the better and without too much of a pause I asked her where she was coming from. I completely dropped my initial intention of looking for a bar and just kept the conversation going like I would if I had started talking to her inside one.

I played two quick and fun guessing games:

First: “Judging by your accent, I’m getting a half-German and half-Norwegian vibe.” If you’ve read Bang you’ll see I adapted an opener for use as a routine. She said no, that she’s actually from New York, and I smiled and said, “Are you sure? I don’t know, maybe a little Russian too.”

Second: “And by the way, how old are you?” She replied, “Old enough to get into a club.” I said, “Haha wait wait, you’re that young? No really…” She said “20.” You’ll never meet a young girl who doesn’t like an older man, so I played it up instantly. I said, “Well I hope you like older men, because I’m graying over here.” She said, “Actually I do.”

I asked her where she was going and told her to join us later if she has a fake ID. I added, “Well if I don’t see you tonight, maybe we can get a drink some other time.”

She asked me for my name and I asked for hers and then I took out my cell phone. She gave me her number. We talked for about seven minutes total.

If this looked easy that’s because it was. The only weird thing about it was seeing an attractive girl like that walking alone in D.C.

Let’s identify the key reasons to why my approach worked.

1. DISARM. The street has a lot of crazies, so you need to disarm her in the first second and let her know you are a cool, normal guy. You do this with very relaxed body language, starting off with “Excuse me,” talking slow, and asking for help. It’s hard for anyone to resist helping someone, and if you’ve ever been a tourist in a strange land you’ll understand the human desire to be helpful. This is our “in.”

2. GET OVER THE HUMP. In street game there is a 30 second hump. If she stops to talk to you for half-a-minute then she can stop and talk indefinitely. I shot down her bar choices so the clock would keep ticking.

3. MAKE HER LAUGH. It doesn’t have to be with great jokes, but you need to keep the energy light and fun, like you would in any other situation. I used the “bride” joke which I made up on the spot. A couple jokes are okay but don’t turn this into comedy hour. When she recommends bars, I would say something like, “Oh that’s too yuppie” or “Hmm yeah that bar has scary people in it.”

4. SEGUE. Your typical street game approach needs a segue that goes from talking about bars or whatever you opened with to talking about each other. In this case I did that by saying, “I just wanted to talk to you,” followed by a question that ended up teasing her.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Roosh, but isn’t this more of direct game? I thought you only advocate indirect game.”

Saying you wanted to talk her is barely direct. It’s NOT like saying, “Actually I saw how beautiful you were and I just had to talk to you.” That’s too much.

If the girl is giving you a really strong vibe you can try this: “Actually I say you walking and just wanted to flirt with you.” She may get a warm-and-fuzzy feeling inside and think, “Yes! This random guy who I think I like probably likes me too.”

5. BUILD ATTRACTION. Once you are done with the segue, build the attraction a little more with teasing. Ask basic questions about herself or do guessing games like I did.

6. CLOSE. This is where you use your initial opener to close her. For example say it’s during the day and on your college campus you ask for the best place to have ice cream. When it’s time to close say, “Well I have to run, but how about some time soon we try so-and-so ice cream shop.”

If you asked her where there’s a good pizza place, then you would close by suggesting you two have pizza some time. It feels natural that you called back your opener. On this girl I used bars to open, so for me the close was asking to hang out for a drink.

It’s not a bad idea to go for the instant date if it seems like she doesn’t have anywhere to go. I asked my girl where she was headed and she said to meet up with friends, so I knew there would be no instant date option.

If your girl doesn’t seem to be doing anything then ask her if she wants to join you for the ice cream, the pizza, or the drink then and there. If she declines, say, “That’s fine, how about some other time?” and then take out your cell phone. If you’re talking to a girl for at least three minutes on the street and she asks you a question, you’d be a fool not to go for some sort of close. Just pull the trigger and ask her out.

This is as easy as it sounds. Now go out there and try it.