How to Outsource Online Dating

You probably head about Tim Ferriss. He is the author of the bestselling book The 4 Hour Work Week (a recommended read!) and one of his lifestyle strategies has been to outsource as much of his life as possible. It kind of makes sense – Most of the times we consume a lot of our time and effort doing something that for a few dollars someone else could do for us.

How to Outsource Online Dating

One day, first as a joke, Tim talked about outsourcing your dating life. As crazy as it sounds, he then made an experiment that proved to be quite successful. I’ll let you know what it is about and maybe you can try it out yourself!

Tim started by recruiting a few teams of freelancers. He told them to create profiles in the most popular dating sites and work to arrange dates for him. He gave them a calendar and the teams had to compete between each other setting up the best dates possible. Whoever got the most good dates won a 150$ prize.

To make sure everything went as smoothly as possible he worked out a one-page rules and regulations sheet with all his goals and guidelines. He pointed out which girls he found attractive, which were the must and must-not haves, etc. He left the stuff really well organized so once the rules and calendars were clear the teams could do the entire job for him.

The results, it appears, were quite amazing. He got twenty coffee dates in less than a month and he actually found a long term girlfriend out of the experiment. He made the teams try different sites and think up their own strategies to find him a date while he patiently waited for the results. Amazing, right?

Are there turn off into this? If you are into online dating, definitely not! You could even try it yourself. Think of it as a much more personalized way of Speed Dating, but where you only meet up with girls you find attractive. Sounds great to me!

Last, Tim made sure to tell every girl he took out to a second date what the experiment was and all the outsourcing thing he did. Instead of being a turn off most girls found it funny and laughed at it. After all, it’s a crazily fun anecdote and indeed something original, something that stands out.

Could you try it yourself? Absolutely! Remember the steps: sign up to upwork or another freelance service, make the rules clear, find your teams and be prepared for some fun. It shouldn’t cost you much and the results could be much better than if you are doing the whole thing on your own.