How To Meet A Girl When You’re Already With A Girl

When you’re on a date with a girl and another girl is peeping you, it’s hard to make because you don’t want to disrespect your current girl and not get laid for the night. But you also don’t have time to build a solid connection with the girl who is feeling you.How To Meet A Girl

First, if you’re getting vibes from other girls, get your girl drunk so she’s oblivious to your moves.

Next, wait until your girl goes to the bathroom then approach the girl. Due to the time limitation we’re going direct.

“Hey I think you’re kind of cute. Do you like hairy men with beards?

Change “hairy men with beads” to a physical quality that you possess. Include a self-depreciative quality to tap her funny bone.

If you get a yes or maybe say, “Well I got some good news!”

Continue with, “Look so tonight I’m hanging out with my friend and she’s nice and all but she’s just a friend. I don’t have time to get to know you right now but do you want to grab a drink some time and talk? If after one drink we don’t get along then I’ll make an excuse about how my cat has a headache and then we go our separate ways.”

If she responds positively, say, “What’s your number?”

Sneak in a quick peck on the lips even though you act like you’re going to kiss her on the cheek. You must try to make some lip contact.

If your girl busts you say it’s an old college classmate and you didn’t want to be rude.

This doesn’t have a particular high success rate but it’s the best we can do given the situation. “Direct” openers tend to be less successful than not because you force the girl right then and there to decide if she likes you. In most cases I recommend you use “indirect” game where you don’t show your cards right away.

After trying dozens and dozens of different indirect openers, I finally settled on two that are my “defaults,” meaning they are powerful enough that I can use them regardless of the girl or the environment. I share them in my book Bang, along with others you can use for bars, clubs, daytime spots, and even the gym.