How to Know if a Girl Likes You: Attraction Signals III

Girls will let you know when they find you interesting. Sometimes it will be direct, but usually, instead, they’ll make sex signals and wait for you to catch up. Watch out for them – most times they mean you are on for business.Attraction Signals

The Shoe Dangle

Girls use their shoes and feet as a way of subtle communication, and this is a very important part of their body language.

By dangling shoes or just playing around with their shoes, girls send a strong message, meaning that they are comfortable and relaxed, while also leaving the door open for further undressing.

Also, it’s no news that most men find female legs and feet attractive – a $300+ billion business a year in footwear and girl’s obsession with shoes make sense, as in one way or another they lead to get us men attracted.

Framing the Vagina

Sometimes, a girl will place her hands in a subtle, but sexually aggressive way – framing, usually over a pair of jeans, her vagina. This is usually mistaken for a male gesture, and most times ignored.

It is, however, a very strong signal. She’s then spelling-out what’s on her mind, and telling you that that is the part of her you should pay attention to. Think of it as an (most times) unconscious way for her to tell you “keep going, you are getting close”.

Gently Touching/Preening Her Hair

This doesn’t mean just playing with her hair, which was the first of the signals I wrote about and one of the most famous. It’s about the gentle preen of her long hair, all in a slow luxurious, slow motion and in a sensual fashion. The goal is to catch a bit more of your attention and to tell you she’s attracted to you.

The signal is the opposite of the hair pull or tug – when girls strongly pull their hair they indicate discomfort and the will to be somewhere else (or with someone else!) It’s easy to spot the difference, as this pull comes usually in an aggressive fashion.

Exaggerated Body Language

Watch out for exaggerated body language – it’s an obvious but very important signal you always need to notice. Often, the girl’s goal will be to emphasize her best trait (breasts, bottom, legs, hair) and to make an exaggeration out of what would else be a subtle signal.

It’s more common when you are at a bit far from her, and acts as the girl’s way of getting your attention and telling you ‘’come closer to me’’. It will most likely appear in large meet-ups and public spaces, when the less exaggerated sex signals often come unnoticed.

Don’t expect much of this on a one-to-one date- and if, she’s just waiting for you to jump and kiss her!