How to Know if a Girl Likes You: Attraction Signals II

Girls will let you know when they find you interesting. Sometimes it will be direct, but usually, instead, they’ll make sex signals and wait for you to catch up. Watch out for them – most times they mean you are on for business.Attraction Signals II

Neck Stroking

The neck is one of girl’s most sensitive and erogenous zones. Gently kiss them in the neck and you’ll immediately understand what I’m talking about – the neck is big deal.

Many speculate on the reasons, and the most accepted is that the neck has one of the softest and smoothest skins in the whole body. While some other places (especially down there) might beat the neck’s prowess, what makes the neck so appealing is that it is the most socially acceptable to display.

Stimulating the neck can give girls gentle, loving but also deep emotions. If they are exposing and highlighting their neck, girls are elegantly and in a non-gross way saying “come and get me.”

Toying and Object Stroking

There are many psychologists who believe that people transfer their inner feelings to external objects. Girls are not the exception, and, according to this theory, when girls stroke a wine glass, for example, they are telling you “stroke me”. Same, when they run a pen across their lips, they are telling you “kiss me.” Watch out for this stroking – most times it will mean something.

You should not confuse it, however, with the ‘agitation’ gestures. These don’t mean you are on the right track – they mean that the girl is just somewhere else. You can differentiate between the good and bad toying easily: slow and sensual is good. Fast and reckless is bad.

Pointing With Her Knees

When girls point you with their knees and legs, feel chosen. This is the action she uses to indicate that you are the one she is interested in. It’s one way for the girl to close a barrier on you – a personal triangle, and a way to show you that you have all her focus. The more of the leg exposed, the more sexual the signal becomes.

In the same way, legs and knees pointing away usually are a bad sign. It will mean she’s uninterested, and will serve as an invitation for other men around.

Touching Herself

Quite obvious and no surprise – when girls start to touch themselves, it usually means something. Usually, it’s an unconscious signal meaning they want you to touch them. Normally girls will draw your attention to what they believe are their best assets: thighs, neck, legs and even the breasts. It’s a sure way for them to scale to the next level.

But watch out – girls know how much this affects men and might well do it deliberately. Learn to spot the difference between the conscious and subconscious touching, as the latter is the one who reliably indicates the woman’s feelings.