How to Know if a Girl Likes You: Attraction Signals I

In the past I wrote about the ways girls show interest in men. The one-year old list is still one of the most popular articles on this website, but it still lacks something critical: depth. This post is going to go a bit deeper in that topic and explaining thoroughly some of the most important points in the list.Attraction Signals III

Before starting, remember: a single signal of these does not indicate total attraction to you. It’s still just an indicator of interest. Once these individual signals become more frequent and obvious, then it’s when you can be more certain that she’s interested in you.

Remember not to overreact to this signals. Don’t make your desire of success and excitement deceive you – take it nice and easy. Not every time she flocks her hair will mean she’s interested in you. The same applies to the contrary: if she doesn’t show this signals or does them very subtly it doesn’t mean she’s uninterested in you.

So here it is part of the upgraded and expanded list of what you should be looking for.

Hair Toss / Playing With Her Hair

Someone recently told me: “Lesbians usually have short hair, and that’s because it’s masculine.” It struck me, because it’s something obvious and simple and yet I had never really picked up on it. While we men usually keep it short, girls pride on their long, beautiful girl – it has always been like that.

A girl will proudly display her hair, and when she starts tossing it she’ll essentially be saying “look, I’m happy, confident, sexy and healthy.” That’s literally what a hair toss and the highlighting of her hair means. She wouldn’t do that to you if you she wasn’t interested, right?

The Lip Nibble

This one drives me crazy, and I’m sure it’s the same for you too. Apparently no one knows the reason behind this, but it’s uncontested that it gives us men a big push of excitement. Usually it goes like this: her lower lip is gently gripped by her teeth and then, after a few seconds, it’s sensually allowed to slip away.

Sometimes it’s a parody, right, but watch out for this one. When girls do the lip nibble in the right context it usually means you are only a few steps away from ending the job.

Tilt and Smile

You know it the moment you see it: the tilt and smile always means there’s something going on. The tilt is one of girls’ most common signals, literally meaning: “I’ve noticed you and like what I’m seeing.” The smile adds to this – it means she’s feeling good and she wants you to know it.

Most times, girls will tilt and smile at you a couple of times. It’s their seductive way of getting your attention. When they do it, they expect you to walk up to them and speak up. Make sure you don’t think about it too long – if you don’t, even after several times, get this signal she’ll give up on you.