How To Increase Your Yearly Notch Count

Here’s all you gotta do: start a contest with a friend on who can get the most bangs for the year.How To Increase Your Yearly Notch Count

The idea for the contest started by accident in 2008, when a friend and I were talking about our conquests during the summer. We informally kept count after that and at the end of the year there was a clear winner. Quality was not accounted for.

For 2009 it became much more official. Every notch was put up on the leaderboard and without divulging too many details let me state that it definitely made the year more exciting. Someone was in the lead by three notches, another caught up, there was a back and forth for several months, many ties, text messages and email subject lines with “+1″ flying around, and then finally two notches in the final half of December to cement the contestants’ fates, giving birth to the phrase “clutch notch.”

Previously I had thought of the contest only as a male bonding exercise, but when reflecting on the year I realized something: I banged four girls that I wouldn’t otherwise—simply to not lose the contest. These girls were merely alright but they kept me in the game, so to speak.

You’d think sex and the pursuit of notches would be enough to push a man like myself to bang all that I could, but truth is after a while in the game you need something more as motivation. A simple contest, with no real stake, is what did it.