How To Have Sex On The First Date

I think of one night stands as an adventure. I like the get-to-know-you flirt, dating and going out, but sometimes it’s also cool to get into action the very first night. It has a special magic into it.How To Have Sex On The First Date

Nothing you’ll do will guarantee that you’ll get laid that first night, but there are still simple things that will make it much more likely. Here they are:

1- Make It A Non-Traditional Date.

I have extensively written about special dates. Going to a football match, sneaking into a hotel and picking her up at 5am are just a few examples. The idea is that you have to break the norm. In order to go all the way the first time you shouldn’t do anything she might associate with a traditional date.

This will make her much less likely to adopt the same “let’s go slow” mindset girls usually adopt with the rest of the guys. Girls won’t take long to decide whether they want to sleep with a guy or not – but if they feel they can make you wait, they’ll make you wait.

The key lies in not being desperate. If you do what all the other guys do, you’ll not build enough attraction. One of the biggest aphrodisiacs is when they don’t know what to expect from you. So take her for a special date first and then start moving around.

2- Get Her In The Right Mindset.

You have to make her feel horny. That’s the key to take her to bed on the first date. If she’s not feeling horny she might make you wait one, two or even more dates. So you have to get her aroused. You have to slowly escalate and take her to where you want.

Stay relaxed, always, but slowly escalate. Touch her, play with her hands and slowly initiate intimate contact. You shouldn’t speak about sex to get her horny – just this gentle touching and a feeling of relaxation will do the job.

Last, make sure you too are feeling sexual. When two people are in rapport, they match emotional states with each other – so make sure you are feeling for it too.

3- Give An Excuse To Go To Your Place.

Hinting anything sexual on the first date will instantly kill the mood. So, no matter how horny she is, if you tell her “let’s go to my place and have sex” she’ll back off. The reason is simple: she doesn’t want to feel like a slut.

So, instead, think up an innocent reason to take her to your place – a reason that won’t make her feel that way. Even if you know already that you are going to have sex, always invite her, for example, to watch a movie, to check on your collection of something, to try out an exotic drink you bought, etc. You know what I mean – just find excuse that works for you best.

And, obviously, build up to it during your conversation. If you are going to invite her for a movie, speak about it during your date. Set up everything so it looks natural for you to invite her to check it out. If you just say out of the blue “Hey, let’s go to my place to watch a movie” she might well find you as a creep. Build up, and only then ask.

It’s not so hard to guess if the girl is interested in you. So make sure you know your situation before inviting her home.

4- Go Slow.

Taking her home is a big step. But it still doesn’t mean anything. Sometimes it can take hours to make her feel comfortable, so be patient. Set up the scene for seduction, but don’t rush it. Heat her up slowly.

So at the beginning show her photos, offer her another coffee and focus on making her comfortable. Then you sit her down on your couch and slowly escalate. You then hold her hands, increase touching on so on. If you made it that far, you can’t fail.