How To Get Laid While Traveling

The assumption a lot of guys make about girls is that they all respond the same, that game is game and things should work regardless of where the girl is from. This is what I believed when I exported my “Western game” to South America, but after six months my results were meager and much less than I was getting in the States.How To Get Laid While Traveling

Let me share with you six quick tips that will help you score while on the road…

1. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Before you board the plane, ask your wingmen if they’ve had experiences with girls from that country. When you arrive, make friends with the local guys and ask them for their opinions on the girls. Or go on my travel forum and do a search on the country you want to visit. What you want to do is take some notes to study from before you take the “exam.”

2. ADAPT. On a two week vacation, you simply don’t have the time to learn a new game, but you do have time to make easy adjustments that affect how the locals respond to you.

For example in Peru, the more you look like a gringo (think Abercrombie & Fitch), the better you’ll do with the girls in the club, so leave the Ecuadorian soccer jersey at home. In Argentina the kiss is a big deal, so delay your kiss attempt longer than usual so you don’t get blown out early.

3. APPROACH IN MASSIVE NUMBERS. The big myth of traveling is that you will get more abroad than you do at home, but with so many obstacles (no cell phone, no pad, no wingmen, language barrier, lack of venue knowledge, and so on), the only way to make up for them is to approach a lot more than you normally do.

With a large percentage of girls closed off to having sex with a gringo who is only in town for a weekend, sometimes you need to just keep going until you find a slutty girl who speaks your language. It’ll probably take a lot more energy than you’re used to at home.

4. PUT IN THAT QUALITY TIME. One night stands with American, English, Irish, and Australian girls aren’t a problem because they are the easiest in the world. There are some exceptions, but keep in mind you may need to put in more face time with a local until you bang. Don’t get discouraged if she doesn’t put out on the first date and simply keep going as long as you’re getting closer to sex on each date.

5. TAKE IT EASY ON THE ALCOHOL. While at home you’re mostly on auto-pilot at bars you know with wingmen you trust, but when you’re abroad you need that extra energy because of the increased number of approaches you’ll have to do. Therefore it’s far better to pound Red Bull than a six-pack of beer.

6. BE THE LIFE OF THE PARTY. When you can’t communicate with words, let your fun nature and vibe do all the talking. Dance with her, smile, touch, and genuinely have a good time. Positive energy is an aphrodisiac that girls are drawn into.

Understand: if you can get laid with pretty girls who barely speak your language then there aren’t many challenges you can’t face. Banging abroad is one of the most worthiest tests of your game.

The reason I was able to learn how to game in a different country is because of my willingness to experiment and try new things just to see what happens. It took me six years of experimenting at home with American girls until the result was an optimized game system that worked more often than not.

Before that I was your typical nice guy who was the “emotional tampon” of girls I liked. I’m not sure why I thought it was a good idea to be friends first with girls but turns out a lot of guys have that “strategy.” Unfortunately it simply doesn’t work.

After college you have a lot of guys working their ass off to get that fancy business card with the important job title. But what a rude surprise when they find out that doesn’t work either! Girls don’t care about your job or your bank account if you don’t have the right game to back it up.