How to Get a Girl With a Boyfriend

Boyfriends are overrated.

In the past, every time I heard the word “boyfriend” I thought I was doomed – no chances, not going anywhere, etc. In the end, I always backed off, tail between the legs, and moved on to the next girl. Not good when it was a girl I especially liked. How to Get a Girl With a Boyfriend

Now, with a bit more mileage and experience, I don’t care about boyfriends anymore. And guess what – you shouldn’t worry about them too much either. In fact, look forward for the girl to have a boyfriend.

Think about it this way: boyfriends make us a favor. They go and filter much of the annoying, not-so-confident-in-themselves competition and pave the way for us to have it MUCH EASIER with the girl.

Instead of competing against 100s of new different guys every day, you are up against just ONE guy the whole time. This makes everything more simple.

Sometimes there’s real love going and she won’t cheat – and in those cases you’ll have it pretty hard, if not impossible. But I’ve found that to be a very small percentage – much smaller than you would first imagine.

Then, there are three things you should know:

1) NEVER Bash Her Boyfriend

She’ll get defensive and support him. She’ll anchor good feelings for him and bad for you – never, ever do it. Even if SHE is the one bashing her boyfriend, don’t second her. The best way to get rid of the boyfriend is to eliminate him from any conversation (and replace him with you).

2) Don’t Compare Yourself With Her Boyfriend

The same applies if you try to convince her you are better than her boyfriend. Don’t do it – show off how amazing you are without speaking about the guy. Make him totally irrelevant.

You don’t need to tell her you are cooler, smarter and more handsome that her boyfriend. Let her do the reasoning.

3) Make Her Believe That She’ll Be Better With YOU

Make her imagine you two together – make her imagine all those amazing, future adventures you could have together.

Make her believe that she’ll have a more exciting, fun and interesting life if she chooses you. Project to the future: we’ll do this, we’ll do that, and we’ll do more of this.

Do this and keep doing it. She has to feel that if there’s ONE man in the world life would be exciting with, that’s you.

(This is SO important that I’ll write a whole article about it in the future)

There’s One Con…

There’s a flip side though. If this girl is very special for you and you finally get her off the hands of someone, be prepared and assume that the same could happen to you in the future. Never fool yourself to think you are an exception to any rule!

I’ll be back on Friday with a List of Boyfriend Destroyers – pick up lines especially made to make the boyfriend irrelevant.