How to Dress to Attract Women

First looks will always be essential – It is where all starts. No matter how good your speaking and body language are, the way you present yourself is way too important to leave it unnoticed. With just a few touches you can stop being “one other guy” and become a standout of wherever you go: the party, the restaurant – even in the bus or train. Most men can become, through proper fashion and grooming choices, physically attractive. Some other are really unlucky and don’t have it that easy – but our goal here is to get you to the point where at least the way you look is not an obstacle anymore. Women would have a much harder time. How to Dress to Attract Women

Implicit assumptions about you will be made after the way you dress. In a woman’s eyes, with just a glance you can be labeled from sexy to normal or even directly boring. Immediately she will believe that your lifestyle is also one of those three – which one would you like her to think you are? Make her make the judgments you want.

So, for starters, go and search for what looks the best for you – those clothes that will inspire the girl to make those judgments mentioned above. Some men will be more attractive with shirts, some other with stripes and a couple more with tight t-shirts. That just depends on you. Seek advice – ask women what suits you best. What will capture the attention and curiosity of other women? It is not hard to find out either. Go out, try your discoveries and see what brings the most success and attention. Build on that and soon you’ll exactly know what clothes you have to use.

Also, if you like a certain type of women, check out for which kind of men is she always around with. Do they dress up in a certain way? Always keep an eye on high status men and the clothes they wear – look into the fashion and details of these men, the ones women want. Don’t go and directly copy them all, just watch and analyze the details. But then, imagine if all your girls were with men wearing black, well polished shoes. Then you could start thinking about dropping the snickers and getting a couple of those, no doubts. If you want to be successful, start thinking about making some investment on it. Cheap clothes could look nice on you, but good quality material will certainly look even better – and results will come according!

Finally, put artistry into your looks – go and dress dodgy. You are already looking good, well dressed and showing off a great presentation. But so do many other men. To stand out it is time for strange combinations, crazy inscriptions, interesting adornments… Those will make the final difference. By no means be cheesy! Keep your line. Don’t get so full adornments nor try many combinations at the same time. That’s not the point. The idea here is to show you are a hit, someone special – so don’t go and look like a social reject.

Dressing up unlike the others you will make you hold up against an overwhelming social pressure. If you can manage to keep up with it, look natural and enjoying the situation women will notice. You’ll be demonstrating a higher value. And that, as we know, in women physic means many, many points for you. So go and buy yourself some rings, chains, nice colored pants… And wear them in the field!

That is all the essence behind dressing up for success. Looking what looks best for you, keeping an eye on high status men and dressing dodgy are the keys. Nevertheless, there are still many details and touches you will be developing over time. Below is a little list of factors you should all be considering and working out before going back to the clubs:

– If you are small, get extra height. Men don’t go wearing high heels as women do, but many shoes can make you a couple of centimeters taller. If you are not small, also try wearing these shoes. We look to stand out and a taller, sexier figure will always sum up.

– You are a bit blind? Still, get rid of those glasses. Personally I love to wear mine out and I think I really look sexy with them. Most men, though, look not. And nowadays you got contacts or laser surgery to fix your eyes. Go and try. Also, consider switching colors if there is one that makes you look much better: colored contacts are cheap and look quite real.

– Remove your excess hair. Some men look nice with beard of moustache – or with some days without shaving on. Do you? If not, shave. Gillete’s advertisements make some sense as women do not really like to go touching men with itchy and dirty skin. If you got too much hair on your chest or back, also consider cutting it out. A bit of hair looks manly, too much makes you look like a monkey.

– If you got acne or scars on your face, go straight to the dermatologist: those guys exist to fix problems as such. We all look better without acne – so consider putting on makeup if you have to. It is not reserved only for women and it’s not girly to look better. So go and buy all the creams and potions you’ll need.

– Don’t go looking sick. Spend some time in the solarium and also whiten your teeth. Never, though, be cheesy – don’t go too brown in autumn, winter. But a bit of color will always look better than a pale, hospital-looking skin. In summer skip the solarium and switch to the good old sun. As for the teeth, it’s a must; No girls would go kissing a guy who has them all dirty and yellow, we can bet on that.

Following my recommendations here will not necessarily make you the hot personality of any party from one day to the other; it is, though, a gigantic step in that direction. Dressing up and the possibilities it opens should not be underestimated. Pursue these instructions and the ones coming and you will certainly see the improvements.