How to Direct a Conversation to Sexual Themes

Think no more – the fastest way to get a woman horny is to get her talking about sex.How to Direct a Conversation to Sexual Themes

By starting a careful, hot conversation you’ll get her horny – sometimes even to the point that she feels she HAS to have sex. If you have been doing a proper job attracting her, YOU will be the number one candidate for her to do it.

A good, hot conversation won’t mean you’ll have a romantic time that very night, but it will show her that you are a sexual person who’s confident about the topic. She’ll also link those horny feelings to you, which will be useful for the future.

In almost any conversation, there’s a proper time to turn to sex. Often, girls will leave an open window for you to comment sexually – and, depending on the time, they’ll expect you to.

Due to the famed anti-slut defense, it has to be YOU who will need to start the sex talk. Not, perhaps, at all times – but it’s better to start it yourself than to wait for her to maybe do it.

The main trick is to keep calm. Many girls won’t jump in into the sexual talk immediately – it’s not that you say something and they become engaged instantly.

They’ll most likely back off a bit – but, if you pursue the topic, calm and with no apologies, they’ll usually get back positively to it. It’s not a general rule, but the majority of girls do respond to sexual comments and remarks after a politically correct first reaction.

I’ve a lucky hand here – I run and own this site, and girls know it. That makes talks about sex very likely and natural. It’s the perfect, politically correct opportunity girls need to drive me to sexual talk.

But then, even if I’ve it easy to start, the trick is to move to the heavy, more emotional stuff. Like I wrote above, what you want is for her to have horny feelings, and relate these to YOU.

To kick-off, I suggest you these lines or topics:

1) Tell her about how your girl classmates/co-workers always talk about their sex lives.

2) Go with “Do you have any sex-crazed friends?” At some point after her answer, ask “And are YOU sex-crazed?” She’ll probably go with a no, so continue with “Really – not even a little bit?”

Just don’t be too explicit here – and try not to push her too much.

Once you have already broken the ice, here’s a collection of lines that you’ll find useful – credit to those smart guys who put all these together:

“Hey I’m forming a club: –People who think of sex all day Anonymous– Wanna join? Most meetings will probably degenerate into big orgies…..but we’ll TRY to keep things under control” (if yes): “Well membership is limited, you’ll have to PROVE you’re worthy of membership. How horny are you?” (if no): “Well it’s probably best if you don’t join, we need really horny people in the group, and I don’t think you’d cut it”

When saying something like this, mind that your voice, body language and expressions must all work as clockwork. Put emotion into it, smile often, do eye contact… or you do it right, or you’ll look very creepy.

“I’m not good for you. I can only promise you HOURS AND HOURS of pleasure. You need MORE than that. You need a nice guy [point to random guy] who’ll give you flowers, dinners, gifts. Me, I’ll just CORRUPT you.”

If she mentions on the phone that she’s getting all hot and bothered, say “Hey, stop trying to trick me into phone sex. I’m not that easy!”

“Wow, you wear a ring on THIS finger? You know what that says about you?” (No) “Have you ever had sex in an elevator?” (Laughs, NO) “Well you should try it sometime!”

“Do you know what women’s #1 fantasy is?” (They won’t know) “I can’t really tell you, I have to SHOW you so you can experience it [move in very close]. It’s to have adventure and danger with someone strong and powerful and it feels like this” [reach behind her head and pull her hair]. (If she shows “goose bumps” reaction, which she should) “Oh I’m sorry, did I turn you into a quivering, horny mess?”

If she’s the one to bring up sexual topics, accuse her of being a big old PERV for always having sex on her mind. Say to her: “I was trying to have an intellectual conversation, but you have to turn everything into sex! What a sinner! You’re gonna burn in hell.”

“I love the way you spread your legs when you sit…only everything would look so much better to me if you were wearing a short dress and no panties.”

“What’s the craziest place you’ve ever had sex?” Be sure to have a damn good answer to this yourself, since she’ll ask it right back.

“I don’t look for one-nighters. A one night stand only means I didn’t enjoy it enough to repeat it.”