How to Deal With Guys Approaching Your Date

Other guys WILL approach your date – get over it. There’s no solution or trick to avoid that – you just need to assume that if you are going out with a pretty girl, she’ll have other men trying to take her from you.

This is no reason to panic. There’s a simple set of steps or things to do when a guy is making a move on your girl.

It all starts before it ever happens:

1) Just realize that there’s nothing to be insecure and jealous about. Those two feelings will only lead to fear and loss, and are exactly what the intruders want.

2) Be attractive – be a women magnet yourself. You have to get to the point that you know, deep down, that if any, any women you are ever with decides to leave you, you can just turn around and meet another one in ANY situation.

This eliminates insecurity, and if you project this feeling girls will be VERY CAREFUL of ever reacting to another guy’s play – as they know you can ditch them as easy as they could ditch you.

3) Be mentally prepared. Project these situations – imagine you are at this bar, you have your girl with you and this alpha guy approaches her. What feelings do you have? Go over it in your mind until you can think about it without having any negative emotions triggered.

That’s before, and here’s what you should do exactly in the situation – when for real you have a guy approaching your girl:

1) Be expecting it. Once you start dating hot women, other men will hit on them – guaranteed! There are no exceptions – you have to expect that it’s going to happen, and be calm and not surprised when it does.

2) In a calm, paused way, with a smile on your face and with strong eye contact, just tell the guy: “I’m sorry man, we are on a date.” Then continue as if he were not there.

If the guy insists, there’s a brilliant technique I’ve heard about once. It goes like this: bombard the guy with friendly, logical, and interview-type questions to make him look BORING.

Ask things like “Hey man, so where are you from?” “Oh cool, how’d you get here?” “Oh, what kind of car do you drive?” “That’s a nice car. Did you have trouble finding parking?” etc. Just make him say boring, logical answers and after a bit he’ll see his chances doomed.

He’ll notice he’s following your lead, will realize he has lost control and there’s no real point in him staying around.

This blows the guys out and in a friendly way – you even avoid any possible confrontation that might have resulted from challenging him.

You can end up saying: “You know, I thought you were a total prick at, but you’re pretty cool! You should come to (PLACE) this weekend and meet my friends.”

Then, if he keeps staying around you just take your girl by the hand and go somewhere else.

3) Sometimes, girls will deliberately try to make you jealous. If that’s the case, you should just calmly take it easy. You could speak with other girls, or make some jokes with the guys too.

But be careful – some women enjoy making men compete over them, and that’s the kind of women you don’t want to be with. If you are on a date, and she has any respect for you at all, she’ll ditch the guy in less than a minute. If she doesn’t, find yourself another woman. Save yourself of all the drama and trouble those girls bring.

Just don’t confuse this with the typical situation of a girl trying to figure out whether you “really like her” or not. In this case, girls will expect you to be jealous (and thus, show you are into them) – so you should just look for another girls and wait for her to come and find you again. Take it the fun, easy way.

Last bit: if a group of guys is cat-calling your girl across the street, etc, shout them back these magic words: “Thank you guys, but I’m taken!”

You’ll make even them laugh (and needless to say your girl!)