How to Deal With Girls’ Insecurities

Much more than men, girls are in general insecure. They are insecure about their body: breast size, ass, weight, hair, and also, sometimes, about life itself. Girls are stronger than before, and equal to men in almost every way – but those insecurities persist. How to Deal With Girls’ Insecurities

Sometimes they are quite obvious – especially when girls are young. I’ve met dozens of girls feeling ‘sad’ that they breast were not big, and also feeling bad (and sometimes even miserable) about their weight going up. And it’s all not just limited to the body – “I’ll never find a good job”, “I’m not smart enough”, and those types of thinking are more common than you could imagine.

And that’s an open window for us guys to raise girl’s self-esteem. Compliment and give LOVE!

Especially when you are in a relationship, make sure to play down these ‘problems’, and make girls believe they are great and those ‘problems’ are nothing to you.  Make them feel great about their body, their personalities and tell them their future is bright.

This is very powerful – girls need to be told all this, and you can make them anchor good feelings towards you. Few guys do this smartly – and, if you do it right, you can achieve stronger relationships and you will receive, in return, a lot of love yourself.

I tell my girlfriend that’s she’s the smartest, most beautiful and best possible girlfriend in the world – every moment and every time. I do it in a way that is not fake – when I say her breasts are beautiful, I spend twenty minutes kissing, touching and playing with them. Same with each part of the body.

It’s never enough – you can ALWAYS, all the time, keep telling your girl how great she is. Don’t worry about she thinking “she’s too in love with me”, and all that stuff – just do it.  Everyone loves to be complimented, and especially if it’s by that special someone they have.

The only rule (if it can be called that way) to be careful is that your girl should always know that if she messes up with you, it’s over. You have all that love and passion for her – but the moment she screws up, no matter how much you love her, it’s over. If you can stand up to that, you can control all this at your will.