How to Become a Good Speaker

If you want to give yourself a favor and develop a skill that will help you becoming more successful with women, you got to learn to speak. There’s a huge difference between those who know to talk and those who don’t – so be sure to be on the right side. Especially, having a great and commanding voice will be of the most help, it will make you get steps closer to the leader you want to become, as well as you’ll be showing more value.How to Become a Good Speaker

Speaking is a skill and as such it can be improved with a decent amount of practice and hard work. You have to work your voice out to make it more attractive to everyone, including women. When you are speaking, there are two important things you have to express: confidence and value – As simple as that. Every time you speak, you got to set these two as your goal. You got to train your voice and speaking so you can achieve this.

It’s easier than you think: it’s just sums up to being clear, well spoken and full of confidence in what you are saying. Of course, this is not a magical process, but it’s still quite easy. So then, how do achieve a great and confidence voice?

Transmit the correct emotions. Calibrate your voice to what you want to say. You’ll notice that depending on the emotion you express, your voice and speech will be totally different. The emotions you want to show are confidence, security, high esteem, motivation as well as surprise and cocky/funny sometimes.

Calibrate your voice to express those emotions. Try first saying a single word with one emotion at a time… For example, say “Watermelon” as you would speak normally, “Watermelon” once you speak with confidence and repeat one more time but with the voice you would have if you were speaking to the person you are the most afraid of. See the difference?

Now proceed to speak in the confident pattern whole sentences and finally your entire speech. A girl will notice, in a matter of seconds and from the very first “Hello” you say whether you are full of confidence or not. A simple hello can mark you immediately as a sex worthy guy or not. And you are sure what you want to be!

Find the right volume. You don’t have to shout, but be loud enough. You never have to give girls the chance of asking “what”, “I don’t understand”, etc. Also, speaking loud and not being shy about it will convey value, showing you can withstand social pressure.

One good technique you can use is to speak to people as if they were a couple of steps behind of where they are actually standing or sitting in that moment. Picture the person you are speaking with that small distance away and you’ll see the results. Having the right volume will further consolidate that confidence you want to show.

Once you have a loud and confident voice, your next step is has to be to pair it with an outstanding body language. This is, as I explained in the storytelling article, equally or perhaps even more important than speaking itself.

Make eye contact with all those you are speaking to. Show that that confidence you have in your voice is also present in your eyes. Be charming, just keep your eyes in the person you are speaking to but don’t overdo it. Having a confident contact doesn’t mean having that evil-looking sight!

Use your hands to emphasize all the important points of your speech. Have a default position for them but take one or the two of them out when the speech needs it. Again, don’t overdo it, just use them when you want to emphasize and give greater power to a word or sentence.

Touch. When you are speaking, touching those who hear is a great way of bringing attention into your speech. Again, only touch in those moments you clearly want to emphasize something or also when you want them to feel more personified in what you are saying. Don’t be shy about it, as it will also demonstrate confidence. Have 100% belief when you do it, and avoid the “creepy hand here and there” when speaking with women.

Learn from those who are successful in all this! Learn from those of your friends who are great speakers. See how they talk, how they use their body and how their audience reacts. Also, to our great delight the Internet is full of videos of good speakers. Watch videos of Obama, Churchill. Those guys are great speakers and the ability has helped them getting to the place they wanted. Study their speeches, say them yourself in front of a mirror! Again, practice!!

Finally, speak with a don! Have belief and trust in what you are saying, sound passionate about it – Inspire! If you show these feelings, no doubts that you’ll become a great speaker.