How to Be the Perfect Boyfriend

There’s no secret on how to be the perfect boyfriend. The trick, the silver bullet, is and has been there for long. It turns out, though, that most men decide to foolishly ignore it.How to Be the Perfect Boyfriend

This is, you MUST make your girlfriend feel special. You MUST make her feel the one and only.

If she feels this way, you are guaranteed a happy relationship.

People (and girls) need attention and to feel loved. Most people are naturally insecure, and if you tackle this problem you are going to immediately stand out.

This all fits within the psychology of attraction. Girls, no matter how independent, still need to feel protected.

A charismatic, alpha guy wins because he makes the girl feel, in her deep subconscious, that she’s protected from threat. A good lover takes this one extra step – protecting her from her own insecurities and emotions. He makes a connection so deep that she just feels right.

Few men ever TRY to get to this deep emotion, and that’s where you can really stand out. There’s always one more charismatic, alpha guy she can feel attracted. However, there are few, if any, guys that will make her feel great from the inside.

This doesn’t mean you have to be a hyper sensible, emotional type of guy. No – you need to be the alpha guy PLUS make her feel unique. Be that guy and girls will never want to leave you.

3 Easy Ways of Making Her Feel Special

1- Choose the Right Girl

I can’t say ‘I love you’ to a girl I don’t really love. I can’t make a girl feel special if she’s not. You’ll find the same dilemma – if you are with someone who is not your fit, all this won’t work.

And here’s where most problems arise – most people just never choose right. It’s ridiculous, but guy’s and gal’s obsessions with not being alone is most times what dooms relationships from the start.

If you are with a girl you really like and love all this will come in NATURAL. It will make the road much, much easier for you.

2- Say It

You won’t make girls feel special if you don’t speak.

Tell your girl how great she is – praise her, compliment her, tell her she’s beautiful and always tell her how much you love her. It will never get old. NEVER.

3- Show Love in Public

If you don’t show love in public, the girl might think “there’s something wrong with ME, and that’s why he doesn’t want to kiss me in front of people.” Women REALLY think that – and they feeling you want is the complete opposite.

Make girls feel that it’s all great with them. If you kiss, hold hands, hug or do some other spontaneous gesture of love in public, you’ll be taking the steps in the right direction.