How to Be Successful: 2 Actions That Produce Massive Results

People often ask me how did I do it. People wonder how did I manage to achieve my objectives and now travel full-time, do what I want and make money at the same time.

How to Be Successful

I won’t go too deep into detail – but if you have been reading the Inspiration Palace for a little while you might get the idea: I sell information products, I have a small consulting business and I have many small websites. The three are the pillars of my location-independent lifestyle.

I do work a lot though. Staying in the sandy beaches of Rio de Janeiro is lots of fun – but it gets old soon enough. Once you ran your own business, you are almost inclined to keep working 24/7 and all year long – actually much more than if you would have a standard corporate job.

But it’s fun, the results are incredible and I wouldn’t change it not even for the best jobs around.

So what’s the trick?

There are many things that make up success – hundreds, perhaps. But there are two, I believe, that stand out:

1- Building a Success System.
2- Speed of Implementation.

Taking risks, luck, a right team, etc are all very important. However, a success system and speed of implementation go a step beyond. They are the two fundamental pillars to achieve almost anything you want.

Building a success system may first look as the tough part, but it’s actually the other way around. Building the system is the easy part – putting it into action (implementing) the system is where most people fail. After all, we all know the steps to success for most projects, right?

If you want, as I do, to become a writer and travel around the world, the path is clear. Hundreds did it before – and they have documented and taught us the way to do it. It’s tougher than you might imagine, but it’s possible as long as you keep going.

The same applies to almost any other thing in life – there’s a proven way to find a perfect match, to rock any exam and so on. There are few impossibles if you know the path and are willing to give everything to get to the end.

In case you didn’t get it yet, the Guide to Inevitable Success explains you step-by-step how to build your own success system from the ground up and focused on your unique personal goals. The guide is free and you can get it if you subscribe via Mail or RSS – just check at the bottom of this post and you’ll find the link.

The Speed of Implementation is the other side of the deal. Specifically, it means the distance between the time you learn something and the time you put that into action. Like most things, it’s a skill. You’ll need train and practice your speed hard.

You can have the best skills and tools in the world, but you need to put them into action. Only with action you’ll succeed – and the biggest success comes from fast action.

Be fast implementing ideas, concepts and things you learn. It will help you personally and it will help your business. When I learned about the benefits of eating every two hours, I gave it a try the next day (not the next week!). It was the same when I first read about building affiliate websites – I went and made one that same day.

When the idea or method is of high value, strive to put it into action as soon as you can. Finish off with what you had to do and then work on it.