How To Be Funny To Attract Girls

One day a friend said to me: “If you can make a girl laugh, you’re halfway there.” It’s true that humor is a huge attractant and acts as a tractor beam at hauling in fun girls with a sense of humor. So how exactly do you be funny?How To Be Funny To Attract Girls

First you need to your research, which is actually the fun part. You need to expose yourself to funny materials to understand the structure of humor. The best way to do this is through funny television shows, movies, and stand-up comedy acts.

The way that I got my humor was through watching Simpsons and Seinfeld, which has humor suitable for the general population and the girls you will hit on. Watching stand-up, such as Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock, will also show you other ways of humor.

Problem is that it’s hard to study humor as you would a subject in school. Your best alternative is to expose yourself to humor and let it “leak” into your personality. It really does start with one joke that you try that makes a girl laugh. You repeat that joke again and add more jokes as you go along. From there it builds and builds into a collection of humor that you can use to attract girls.

Since you’re not going to reinvent the wheel, it’s best to copy other people’s humor first, experiment with it, and then adapt it for your own purposes. There’s no need to sit at home coming up with original jokes when there is so much out there you can “borrow” instead.

Also, when you’re starting out with using humor as a way to build attraction, take it easy and don’t be too heavy on the humor. You’re a player, not a comedian or entertainer. Instead you just want to use bits of humor here or there to keep the conversation fun and the interaction light. It shouldn’t be the main way you use to attract women.

One last tip is to understand that being funny is a lifelong project, and it’s something you will always work on. Don’t worry if it takes time and definitely don’t stress out if your jokes are falling flat. Even the best comedians bomb every now and then, but we just don’t see it because they test most of their new jokes in small comedy clubs before you see them on television. This is something you’ll always be experimenting with.