How To Avoid Cheating

Let me tell you some bad news: it’s hard, if not impossible, not to be cheated. Sooner or later, by one reason or the other, your couple might. It’s natural and something that just happens. No matter how perfect you are and how much you try to avoid it, there’s a huge possibility there will be someone else one way or the other.

How To Avoid Cheating

That’s just a small notice – kind of a way to drag you into reality. The thing is that, despite cheating is almost unavoidable, you can still keep off most of the threats if you play a wise game. Here are a few tips you should take into consideration:

1- Love vs. Insecurity.

I wrote a full article about this one here. The idea is that you shouldn’t settle for less than you want or with someone you don’t really love. It would just avoid all the problems. Just think about it: if your girlfriend isn’t really in love with you it will make sense if she moves on when she finds a better fit.

You would feel the same way. A relationship of insecurity is most times destined to end badly – either by cheating or by a big fight. The best possible outcome would be a chat telling each other you were not really made for one another. It’s just not right.

Instead, relationships of love, where the bond is strong and the attraction way higher, are harder to break. It would take a really special person to come in and destroy your romance. Being with your best pick and in love is the best way to avoid any problem.

2- Be Unpredictable.

Many times people cheat out of pure boredom. It may happen that she really loves and has deep feelings for you, but if you are not a man of adventure and constantly put change and excitement into her life, you could go wrong.

So break the norms and be unpredictable. Never let her guess all of what you are going to do. Surprise her with spectacular presents, with dates, conversations, friends, and fun things to do. Keep the excitement going and make her feel that with no one else will she be as excited and happy as she is with you.

3- Don’t be too Protective.

Have guts and let her go. If she wants to go out with her friends to that horrible hip-hop place, for much you don’t want her to, let her go. Don’t be that kind of man who is always looking around for her, calling her twice, thrice or more per hour or sending a million messages when she is not with you or with someone else. Let her be independent.

And you should expect the same for you too. I came up with the following rule to great results:: if I need you or want you to be with me, you are coming my way and no exceptions. No questions asked and whatever you are doing, you come. Hardly, if ever, I use the rule, but I still state is a way of showing your authority.

I give her the same right and whenever she needs me, I’m there. It’s like a safe-lock that I use to keep the relationship strong despite all independence. Just, again, make sure neither of you abuses. The moment you abuse your authority, it’s over. Same for her.

4- She is a Queen.

Be splendid – make your girlfriend feel the luckiest girl in the world. No one else in the universe has to be, in your eyes, most important and lovely than her. Make her feel that – make her know how much you love her.

There are thousands of ways to do this. Buy her a dinner or a random present. Cuddle, touch her, grab her hand in public and kiss her everywhere. She has to feel she is the most wanted girl on the planet. Be that good that she’ll be grateful everyday of having such an excellent boyfriend as you are.

5- Deliver in Bed.

But, mind, no matter how good you are in the above four, you must still deliver in bed. If she is unsatisfied with her sex life your relationship will be doomed, no matter what. So take as something serious.

Don’t rush and make her pleasure your priority. Make her orgasm multiple times, be unpredictable in bed and drive her to the craziest of her fantasies. Do that every day and keep the spark alive at all times.

Go beyond basics and make sex with you the best she can get. Practice, learn, speak and do all those things a master lover would do. If you don’t there will be dozens of men waiting to have their own chance.