How to Attract the Woman You Want

This is hands down the ultimate value riser technique. Read through!How to Attract the Woman You Want

“He must have something!” That’s exactly what all women start thinking once they see a man, attractive or not, who is hanging around with this really good looking girl. They’ll scan him through and think about all those qualities he could have, and which are the secrets that made him get such a gorgeous looking lady. They will look into which could be his charm and what’s so special in him that one amazing woman is spending her time with him. Be that man and in the eyes of all those other women you’ll be a winner and nothing else.

This is exactly why all men should find the way to have one or two very attractive women friends, even if they are just that – only friends. The idea is to have a good feeling with them, enough to go out together once a while. They could be some ex classmates, friends in common and so on, but always with a friendship link which you could use as an outstanding weapon to go and seduce other women. Just suppose, for instance, that you are at a bar with one or two of these really pretty girls and want to go and hit on another one. It will obviously be easier – as, friend or not, you already have the aura of being a man who is surrounded by good looking girls.

The truth is that it’s not that hard to some wing girls as these. After all, women like to have friends whom they could trust, whom they could speak their doubts with and also whom could clarify their doubts about men (their friends make most of the job, but all women love to have some masculine advice too.) It’s because of this that’s not so hard to initiate a friendship with one of these “goddesses”. After all, most of the men who approach them do it just with the aim of sleeping with them. Be different! Sometimes it’s not a loser’s thing to be just friends – it could also be a great idea.

So then, go and look for this gorgeous friend! It could be an old classmate, co worker, family, cousin or even your sister. Maybe a teacher, trainer or someone you meet in some dancing lesson. Not every relationship has to be a date – resist the temptation and settle for friends. Then, where ever you go with a woman as attractive as these the imagination and thoughts of the others will be insane!