How to ask a girl out

Therefore, you have finally met your dream girl and are planning to ask her out on a date with you. Well yeah so, what is the big deal about it? You just go and directly ask her out? I really do not know if your judgment is correct, as sometimes the girl could be very curt in her reply, you would be left behind flabbergasted, and spell bound. Starting a relationship is a very delicate situation and handling the relationship especially in the initial stages could be extremely tough. You would be dealing with her feelings as well as yours.

You have to ask the girl out in such a way that she is not hurt and still accepts the invitation in a positive bent of mind and not out of pressure. If you are wondering there are so many things attached to this simple act life is not a bed of roses my friend. You need to carefully tackle the thorns in between to make it a bed of soft roses. Fine all said and done but exactly how to ask a girl out would now be the question in most of your minds. Not to worry people listed below is a set of unwritten and unsaid rules, which have to be followed invariably while tackling the question how to ask a girl out!

Primarily the first step in your how to ask a girl out manual would be to ascertain if she is interested in you. Well how are you going to discover that? It is certainly not rocket science my friends; all you need to do is keep a watch on her reactions when you speak to her. Does she look you in the eye while speaking to you? Is she smiling and laughing in your company. All these factors if answered in the positive then you could really ask her out as she is somewhat interested in you and likes to be in your company.

The next point to be considered from your how to ask a girl out guide would be to take notice of her physical contact with you. Some girls when they are interested in the person would like to show their interest by grabbing every single opportunity to touch the person in some way. That is her way of expressing her affection and interest towards you. However, that would not mean that if she rarely even shakes hands with you let alone try to touch you she is not interested in you. Some girls are very shy and would not be able to express their feelings through touch. Nevertheless, that does not give you the liberty of touching the girl in every single opportunity. You would end up scaring her rather than finding a nice way and decide your way of how to ask a girl out.

While you are considering how to ask a girl out one main point to be taken into consideration would be the girl’s eyes. They say the expression in the eyes can speak volumes about a person. That same principle applies for girls too. When a girl is interested in you she would tend to stare at you longingly or affectionately for a long time even after the conversation is over. However, a word of caution here would be that girls are used to looking directly at the face when speaking to someone. Therefore, you need to make out the difference between the affectionate look and the normal gaze when she speaks. There is another category of girls who would immediately turn away the moment you look at them. These girls would be the shy type who are interested in you but are too shy to even look at you!

The next step to be followed while considering asking the girl out would be to pay attention to what she is speaking when the two of you are having a casual conversation. This would help you keep the conversation going even after she stops talking. This would be an excellent opportunity to impress her with your gift of the gab. However, people when you are speaking to her never as a rule stare at her body even if you cannot resist. This would immediately send wrong and negative signals about you. Usually girls hate it when men stare at their bodies.

Next, make her feel nice and wanted in all ways. If she is carrying something heavy, offer to carry it for her or get her lunch if she is busy at her work desk. These gestures would make her feel good and send a positive message about you. Another tip while you are pondering over the fact of how to ask a girl out would be to pacify her when she has a bad day. Most of the time this would do the trick as girls is usually very sensitive and when somebody comforts them during one of those awful days, they would have a place sealed in the girl’s heart!

Finally once you have taken note of so many criteria now comes the main point in your how to ask a girl out manual. The day you are planning to ask her out make sure you are dressed neatly and also smell good. Also, do not forget to brush your teeth and shave before you present yourself in front of her.  Once you meet her, do not try to act overly formal. Just start a casual conversation as you would on a normal day and try to guess her mood. You certainly do not want to pop up the question when she is in a bad mood! Once you people get talking normally for some time and you feel the time is right for the big question ask her out in a very casual yet sweet manner.  You could ask her to come for a movie or dinner.

While you are trying to ask the girl out while online dating you could be at a greater advantage of expressing your feelings in words rather than try to express face to face. Sometimes you would be left tongue tied not knowing what to say but that situation would not arise with online dating.

If the girl is smart, enough she may ask you back bluntly if you are asking her out on a date. Make sure you tell her yes in a confident and subtle manner. Girls usually like people who are straightforward and true. The last point in your how to ask a girl out guide would be accept rejection with the same enthusiasm as you would have when she consents.  Try to hide your emotions even if you are upset and change the topic but continue the conversation for a few more seconds before you leave.

Well people I guess that the step by step how to ask a girl out guide would have been of good use to you. Keep in mind these points coupled with wear your best smile, coat of confidence, and ask the girl of your dreams out on a special date!