How I Got 10 Girls to Ask Me for a Date in One Day

This post may come, to some, as a joke – but it’s real.

I’ve had a girlfriend for quite a bit – I’m happy and really not looking for someone else. The radar is always on – I’m a man, after all. But it’s not the point – I’m just not as experimenting with new techniques as I’ve done before.

But sometimes, by chance, new discoveries arise – new ways of getting more beautiful women. These past weeks I’ve found ONE thing that has made at least TEN girls hit on me in just one week and ask for my e-mail, phone number or outright for a date – as crazy as it sounds.

The cause was this seminar. Long story short, I prepared a (free) seminar for 100+ people at my business school in Denmark – my whole point was to teach others how to create an online business, and give them the tools to do so. I just went for the thrill – it was just a long-time objective I had in my to-do list.

I promoted the seminar quite a bit: online campaigns, newspapers, posters, class presentations, etc. But still – just to help other people, for the thrill of speaking in front of so many of them, not for money nor for girls.

But – I had FIVE girls (hot, as all girls in Denmark) writing me BEFORE the seminar, without even knowing me in person, asking for a date. And then I had many more in-person after the seminar walking to me asking to ‘keep in touch and see each other soon’.

I’m still overwhelmed! I didn’t have many problems with girls in the past couple of years – but, on the same page, I’ve never been as successful in such a short period. It’s crazy – it’s literally HOT girls coming to me asking for a date. That NEVER happened before – and never in such scale.

The point of this post is not to brag about my popularity, but just to open your mind – to show you how some out-of-the-box thinking got me lots of women. I’m definitely doing something similar next time I’m single.

I’m not suggesting that you should do a seminar (though you can) – just think about what makes the seminar so appealing: the topic (it was lifestyle, being your own boss – it sells), that I’m quite a good speaker (it’s an alpha-characteristic) and the fact it made me look ‘different’ – not all guys (in fact, very few) organize out of the blue and then speak at a seminar in campus about business.

Now let’s think – what can YOU do TODAY to create this kind-of magnetic aura on yourself? I’m not thinking about a quick fix or an easy solution here – I’m thinking about something big, as my event was, that will get you a high level of exposure and dramatically increase your popularity.

The quickest way is to find 1) what are you passionate about (be very precise – make a list of your skills)? and 2) of all those passions and skills, what can you teach well and what do people (and girls especially!) will care and would love to learn about?

You can then prepare a seminar yourself – it’s not THAT hard, and if you get the right topic and target the right audience you can make it.

But then, again, this is about opening your mind. Pick up is not all about clubs and bars, pick up lines or mind tricks – just be AWESOME. Show your awesomeness and girls will come to you. Dare to be different, to be special – you’ll stand out and, just like with me this week, you’ll get girls walking to YOU.