How I Get ‘Impossible’ Dates

There’s no generic way of asking for dates. It all depends on the girl, on the situation and how well you already know each other. It’s not the same to ask someone you just met out as it is when you have already seen someone multiple times.How I Get ‘Impossible’ Dates

As much as I like the direct approach, sometimes it’s not the right path to take. Some girls, especially those that are still not completely charmed by you, will most likely turn you down. For those cases you need to try something different.

The trick is to make the date look less like a date. Mind – all girls will know it will be a date, but the whole thing will make them feel it’s not like that, when in the end it really is.

I’ll present you with one idea this time: Introduce Her to Someone Relevant

This is the typical business-relationships advice, but it fits well with the world of dating. If you know someone who will fit well with the girl’s plans, studies, work, dreams, etc, make sure you try to connect the girl with him or her.

A simple “I know someone you absolutely must meet”, plus a really relevant contact and predisposition in the other person can become a huge win, especially if you are just getting to know the girl.

For example, a couple of weeks ago I spent a Sunday afternoon working for a charity project and met plenty of great people there, among them this smart and good looking girl. We couldn’t speak much, just a minute or two, but enough for me to know she was one of the heads of X department of the charity, pushing forward X project, and so on.

It was not the right place and situation to ask for a date, so I didn’t even ask for her telephone or email. In the meantime, I started to think about who I could introduce to this girl that could really help her in her projects.

I came up with a solution: a good friend of mine was looking for advertisers for one of the Facebook games his company markets, and in the meantime was filling the empty spots with charity ads.

The girl got very excited about the possibility – free ads, more exposition and a really random help that came almost from nowhere. She thanked me much, connected with my friend and soon enough everyone was happy.

While this is, I insist, how business works, dating is not too different. To this girl, I went from being one more of the Sunday guys to Mario, who helped and connected her with cool help. It’s a big difference, and it’s not hard to capitalize after that.

While I didn’t date this particular girl yet, I now have her telephoneadded her on Facebook, etc. Next time I make a dinner at home, I’ll invite her over along more friends. And that’s how slowly I’ll turn an ‘undatable’ girl into one.

You can do the same – it’s epic easy. As you see, it just takes you a bit of effort until you find which is the right person to introduce to her. Most times there’s always someone – if it was not this friend, I would have surely thought about someone else. Just think!

Don’t Be a Gamekeeper

Don’t be reluctant to share the girls you meet with other men. It’s true that men are like wolves, never missing the chance to bite what others have been working for. But go beyond that – while it’s true that some guys will steal your girls, it’s not always the case.

With this strategy you have more to gain than you have to lose. Spreading your network and interconnecting girls and friends is a sure way not to lose either of the two. Try it out!