How I Dealt With A Crushing Cockblock

I was in a bar and found myself standing near a cute girl who was dancing with a random guy. I wanted to observe for a few seconds to see if they were experiencing a love connection or not so I wouldn’t waste my time. I must have taken too long because when I was about to make my move the girl’s fat friend gets in front of me and says, “You want her, don’t you? You so want her. She’s hot isn’t she?”How I Dealt With A Crushing Cockblock

What the f*&%?!

And she said it with such disdain. It put me on the spot and I didn’t have a good comeback. I said, “No hablo ingles,” a terribly weak response. I just wasn’t prepared.

Even thinking about it now, there isn’t an obvious correct move. If I say yes then I show my cards right away, but if I say no then I set myself up for, “So why are you looking at her? Why are you talking to her? It’s obvious you like her.”

This cockblock was so effective that I had a dream about it. I woke up and decided to harness its power and adapt it for use on other guys. Now if a guy is moving in on a girl I’m interested in, and I feel that I’m losing power, I can ask him in front of her, “Do you like her?”

If he says yes then I can put him in a bad position by saying, “Well you should buy her a drink then!” If he buys her a drink then he’s just another beta male in the bar and if he doesn’t then it looks awkward because he just verbally admitted his affection for her.

If he says he doesn’t like her or weasels out of answering I’ll say, “Well there are a lot of girls here. I’m sure you will find someone who you like if you keep trying. Don’t give up!” He’s done. It’s like I’m giving him relationship advice in front of the girl.

He is going to scramble and say, “Oh, um, I’m not here to hit on girls.” Now he just put his dick in a box. Without even raising your voice or having to get tough, you can suck the game out of any guy with very simple verbal ninja. Hell, this technique worked on me even though I spend the bulk of my time thinking about these things.

It’s okay to get bitched in the field. But it’s not okay to get bitched in the same way twice. A great thing about experience is that you put yourself in a lot of situations that you’ll see more than once. Use your down time to think about how to better react for the next time.

That’s all it means to have “tight” game—to be ready for whatever is thrown at you. It’s about refining and improving what you do until it’s mastered.

So I thought about what to say the next time a fat girl asks me if I like her friend. I’ll say, “Why do you ask, do you want me to like her? Because I like everyone!” Then I’ll put my arms around both girls and say how I’m having a great time. All this is done with a huge smile on my face. I want to squash her negativity with a fun party vibe that makes her look really bad if she continues cockblocking.

I think this is much better than saying “I don’t speak English” in Spanish.

It’s only by THINKING, with the help of experience, that I figured out this easy method to put the brakes on other guys. It’s how I came up with a lot of tricks that have made getting laid easy.

Now I’m sure there’s a lot of guys who get laid more than me, but the problem is they’re unable to explain why they’re successful. These “naturals” will say something trivial like “Just be cool” or “Be funny” when you ask them how they always get girls. The reason is because they simply don’t know what they do correctly.